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Cysts & endometriosis please help tmi photo included

 I’ve had two surgeries earlier this year . Both due to large cysts on my ovaries . During the second surgery they removed my right ovary . They took my arm implant out and put me on the pill . Due to pain I went in for a follow up . Small cyst on my left ovary but the hormones are basically keeping the cysts and endometriosis under control for the moment . He said if we wanted to try to conceive it’s best to try sooner than later . He has me taking the pill three months straight without taking the sugar pill . And follow up in January .  Then said he wants me to have 2 cycles then try to conceive . If I told him I didn’t want anymore he was going to schedule me to have my ovary removed. Past few days I’ve been having random sharp pains where my remaining ovary is . This evening I had sharp pain followed by cramping then when I went to the bathroom I passed a long stringy ( dark brown ) type clot . Has anyone ever had this issue ?! Also if so what happened ? And when you did try to conceive was it difficult ? I’m worried since the doctor said there would be a small window to conceive, and if I do there’s higher chance in ectopic or miscarriage . Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!!  
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