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Hey everyone. Little bit about me, I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancy this year, both between 4-5 weeks. The Drs have now referred me for testing at a Gynaecology Clinic. I had my referral come through today for my 1st appointment the end of Feb 2020 which was a lot quicker then expected. I am wondering if anyone on here has been through this and what processes did they have to go through, the waiting times and outcomes. I’m in England,UK 😊


  • Hi again, did you get referred to fertility clinic or recurrent miscarriage clinic? 
  • Hi, it doesn’t say. Just says Gynaecology Clinic.
  • Keep me updated please and I hope u will get answers soon x
  • @MadDoda thank you I’ll keep my post updated. Hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer for your appointment x
  • Hi @Natt19,

    I was referred to a specialist after suffering three consecutive miscarriages in 16 months. Mine too was with gynaecology. My first appointment, he told me to take more vitamins and keep up with taking folic acid and then sent me on my way. I was upset and confused by this as I was so sure that more would have been done and a month later, I received a call to ask if I could come in for bloods. I went in and they couldn't tell me what the bloods were for but took them anyway. Still just as confused, I had to chase them for a result.

    I received a letter in the post to tell me it was thyroid bloods and there was nothing to worry about and that he was discharging me back to my GP. Then I was angry. I was deflated. I was ready to give up (I still am very close).

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and I get another letter for an appointment  with the gynaecology team in 2 months time. No inclination as to what for so yeah 😂 that's my journey so far!

    Where abouts are you? 

    Please, let me know if yours goes any better. 

    ❤️ Rose ❤️ 
  • Hi @RoseWilson1989 I'm sorry for your losses and that drs are so useless. My first app is in two weeks time. I'm well prepared and also got my own diagnosis, I had a lot bloods done which they normally do, coz I don't have best health and it happens to match... Anyway I had 4 consecutive mcs in 7 months, 5 total (1 before my son, currently trying for no2) I'm pregnant third cycle in a row now so I expect to mc before the app 
  • @MadDoda I'm so sorry for your losses too. It's absolutely heartbreaking, isn't it?

    I honestly hope that this time is your sticky bean, I really do. I've seen your posts on here a lot and I admire your determination. 

    I also saw you pop up on peanut earlier, too 😁

    I geuinely didn't know what I was walking into for my first appointment. He even asked why I was there! I felt my hopes slipping away right there. 

    We have also been struggling conceiving. It took a year between the second and third miscarriage. Apparently that was worth only a shrug of the shoulders from the specialist guy.

    ❤️ Rose ❤️ 
  • @RoseWilson1989 it is unbearable.... Thank you for kind word I also hope for ur rainbow baby. 

    Don't get the peanut part???? You have been stalking me? Xd just kidding I hope I didn't appear to u as mean cold woman!

    Drs are useless u gotta watch urself coz u can't rely on them. I diagnosed nearly everything that is wrong with me on my own. I'm just 3rd year at uni and I can push them to the wall, as soon as I do PhD I will show those bastards. If I can help you somehow let me know coz I really gathered a lot of information from reliable publications through university. Xx
  • @MadDoda I dont tend to comment on posts just read them and the comments haha! Saw you pop up and I thought to myself I'm sure I've seen that name and picture on mfm 😂

    You don't come across like that at all. You're a woman who knows her stuff and isn't afraid to tell it how it is and I admire that!

    I remember seeing that you were studying. Is it reproductive science? It made me have a think about the possibilities of doing something like that but I know I'm just not smart enough.

    If I do think of anything at all, I'll be sure to come to you. I'm just in a bit of a sea of unknown and don't even know the kind of things I should be asking to anyone. Xx

    ❤️ Rose ❤️ 
  • @RoseWilson1989 I don't know what peanut is, I never posted anywhere else, beside question about mc clinic on baby center. 

    I'm glad u think that. I study development regeneration and stem cells in biological sciences school buy I did two years I'm biomedical sciences, we had reproductive biology there. But I also done immunology last semester, plus lots of my courses are involved in molecular biology and genetics. Reproductive biology is the last thing I would ever do, I hated it.

    There is a long lost of stuff they should test u for, thyroid and thyroid autoantibodies, ana autoantibodies, genetic abnormalities, trombophilia and other similar blood disorders which cause clotting, probably many more I can't recall now. If it wasn't done, then ur Dr was more useless than I thought.
  • @MadDoda I'll see if I can find the post. I probably got confused in my sleep deprived state this morning 🤦‍♀️

    Wow lady, you're very, very clever!! I certain would never be able to do all or any of that. You must be really proud of yourself 😻

    The only thing I have been tested for so far is my thyroid. That came back normal apparently. Im wondering  theyll do other tests at my next appointment in March. I'll be sure to ask about the things that you've mentioned. It's a good start for me so thank you.

    ❤️ Rose ❤️ 
  • @RoseWilson1989 I'm curious now xd. Thanks but font exaggerate please haha. I am proud coz I study and rise s toddler at the same time, I was pregnant during end of first year and I had only two weeks maternity and came straight back. But still I'm not proud I do it at 30 I should have done it long ago, but life decided otherwise. I definitely want to do master in bioinformatics and PhD in stem cells. 

    I hope they will do the tests u can always ask about it now that I mentioned some, I got mine in two weeks I will share experience with u if u wish.
  • @MadDoda I was totally seeing things. I must have been on here and got confused. My apologies 😂 My brain isn't the best in a morning haha.

    No you've definitely done well. I'm 32 and I work in customer service. Hardly what you'd call a good life choice lol. 

    Yeah, please do let me know how it goes. I'd greatly appreciate it. Xx

    ❤️ Rose ❤️ 
  • I always say it's never too late to study, I got few girls 40-50 with me haha. I was cabin crew for 7 years I hate ppl so my goal is a quite lab work. 

    Sure will do!
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