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Letrozole PCOS Metformin Advice please!!!

So I'm very new to this forum. I am on a very different path of life now. Married, trying to have babies, and well found out I have PCOS months ago, so my doctor started me on Metformin, so far now I'm having 40 day cycles (when I was having 30-33 day cycles before). I havent seen any real changes except that. I went to my doctor again, panicking, as all my friends are having babies, oh so easily, and here I am struggling so much! She decided to try letrozole 2.5 or 2.75 I cant remember. But I'm on day 18 and have had several of my fertility urine tests saying high levels, but not peak levels yet. The 21st is my 21st day so she ordered the 21th day test and I'm going to go thru with that. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and having no luck. I know it hasn't been long and I am super duper impatient. Is there any advice, anything y'all reccomend? How long did it take y'all? How long have you been on this journey?! Please! I want to hear from yall! Feel free to ask questions! Thank you!!!


  • This is probably a little late for me to reply. But just joined this forum and wanted to reply to ask if there are any updates with your journey? I also have pcos and have been ttc for couple years now! I've recently been given 5mg letrozole to take and have done first cycle, just waiting to either start my period (I'm due today) or waiting to be pregnant! I wish I could give advice but not yet as I'm new to all this. Will come back to give advice/tips if I have any soon. 
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