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help day 61 no period

Please help me! Im 18 years old. My last period was January 30. I had only 2 unprotected intercourse since then: February 26 and February 29 and he did it inside. Meaning its been a month ago since last intercourse. Today March 30, still no period. Its already day 61 since last period and day 30 since last intercourse. I haven't had a chance to use a pregnancy test. I don't feel pregnant though. I do not have common symptoms except for light stomach aches/cramping and a missed period. I also had diarrhea last week. I always have been irregular. My last cycles were specifically: 47, 34, 52, 39, 33. Now I am freaking out becuase its already day 61. Ive been stressing about this for weeks now. Im not ready to be pregnant. Has anyone had the same experience as mine and turned out not pregnant? Replies and kind opinions are highly appreciated. Tyia

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