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TTC after surgery

Hi everyone!

Hoping someone can help/stop me from going completely crazy!

So, I've been TTC for two years now, no luck. Was seen by gynae who determined that I have everything- PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids  , which explains my super irregular cycles, the excruciating pain, the heavy bleeding, the spotting etc. It's basically not a pretty picture and I feel so low.

However, I has surgery in Feb this year- Dr said tubes were clear, he removed some of the endometriosis and two large cysts on the ovaries were removed- didnt touch the fibroid though as it was apparently not in the way. Anyway, I thought this would help and things would settle down but now more than 2 months after the op, still no BFP, cycle was heavier and more painful than before and now I am having spotting every other day and not just light bleeds but a day of full flow and then a day off and then spotting again.
Anything triggers it, exercise, sex, nothing! Its so depressing!

I know they say that you can have irregular bleeding post the op but thats supposed to settle fairly soon and this just seems exactly like I was pre op 

I guess what I'm looking for is anyone else whos been through something similar or had similar surgery etc who can tell me what they went through?

Did anyone get pregnant after an op? What are my chances given I'm still having these symptoms? (Was due a follow up with gynae but been cancelled due to Covid and no information about when I will be rebooked)

What are my chances of getting pregnant? Any stories would be great xxx


  • Hi, I also had endo surgery March 4th and i'm now at my second ovulation window. I didn't expect to get pregnant on my first period after the surgery which came like 2 weeks later. But fingers crossed now, I will keep you posted. You might laugh but I have been doing some celery juicing in the morning - I read on medical mediums's page that lots of women with endo do this, or any other condition whith no knowledge of the cause. My gyno also put me on Prenatal's and I regularly do probiotics as well. 

    Best of luck x
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