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Bfp turned to a bfn !!!

Hi ladies, please read x

so 3 days ago I woke up and done a test BY CHANCE. There it was a BFP, couldn’t believe it so done another! Also a BFP. 

I cried, laughed smiled and everything else you can imagine I was so made up! 

To then only go the store and buy a clear blue for it to say “Not pregnant” I cried. 

I then went home and done another wondfo and it was only so faint basically negative, done more and they’re faint but not as bright as the ones I got in the morning 😣 

is it likely I’m having a chemical or a false positive? Has anyone else been through this and actually been pregnant? 
Literally praying for a miracle right now. Xx 


  • It depends on where you are in your cycle. The lines could be fainter because the HCG levels weren't as strong as they are with fmu. Also clear blue tests aren't as sensitive as others so it takes longer for them to come up as pregnant
  • Agree with winter, try again In a few days with fmu. First response tests are the best to use. Good luck x
  • I had the same thing with a clear blue showing negative after positive on a pink dye test. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant. Good luck. X
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