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Conceiving with pcos

Hi im just wanting some advice really. So me and my husband have been trying to conceive for almost a year and when it gets to December the doctors will step in and help. But I haven't been having periods for the last 5 months due to having pco. I've read that it's still possible to conceive because I could be ovulating but not no it as haven't been having periods. Im just wondering how long it has taken people to fall pregnant with pco and also types of early symptoms of pregnancy people had?


  • Hi, I was going through the same thing a while ago and I now have a 11 month old baby & I am trying to conceive again. My first time trying to conceive after being diagnosed with PCOS I was referred to a fertility clinic and I was given METFORMIN medication, took 1 a day for a week, then 2 a day for another week then 3 a day from then. I had taken metformin for 4 weeks before I conceived (which is very quick it can take a while longer) I found out on the 6th week I was pregnant. 
    This time round I haven’t been as lucky falling so easy as it’s becoming a struggle so i will be going back over to the fertility clinic if needed very soon. 
    I would advise you to speak to your doctor to refer you and you can be given the correct help depending on your body xx GOOD LUCK! X
  • Heyy i have pcos aswel. It took me 7 months to concieve in 2014. I had Twins who are now turning 6 in Jan! Ive been trying to concieve since 2017 but no luck. 
    My period hasnt been good. I didnt have a period from April 2019 up until last month. So im hoping for some goood news sooon x

  • @Cscott yh I've just been given metformin been taking it for three days now, only says to take 1 tablet once a day. Ive started having side affects though feeling sick and upset stomach. How long before your period started back up after taking them? I've started spotting not sure if that's good or not 
  • Eeeh I hated metformin 
    I’m in my first cycle of letrozole and trigger with timed intercourse
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