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Negative home test and PCOS

Hi so I've been trying to get pregnant for 13 years early this year I took myself to a gynecologist who did hormonal test and diagnosed me with PCOS age (33) she put me on isitonol August 2020 with my first child 15 years ago I did home pregnancy tests that all came out negative it was confirmed by a scan at the the I was 5 month along so now I've had my last period on the 9th September 2020 and it's been 10 weeks  I've taken 2 test after the first month of missed period it was negative I did one a week ago still negative I dont want to take a test again it's to emotional for me when I only see one line I really dont know I'm so confused 


  • Girl the only thing you can do is be brave and test again. Or schedule an appointment to see the dr if it’s been more than 10 weeks and still no period and negative tests. Either way you’re going to have to be brave. Trust me I know it hurts!!!! I’ve spent many nights heart broken but we have to stay strong ♥️ 
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