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35+ Ladies TTC-Egg Quality

Hi ladies! I am 37, actively TTC for about a year now. We have had 2 pregnancies, one miscarriage at 9 weeks, one missed chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks. I have regular cycles, do the OPK’s, intercourse in the right window…nothing since my last miscarriage. Pretty sure I had implantation bleeding this month but it must
of failed because AF came and hit hard(irregular clots for extended days than my usual)At this point because of the two miscarriages back to back I am resorting to egg quality issue. We are going to try for 4 more cycles before going the RE route. I’ve started melatonin and CoQ10, anyone else have any recommendations? 


  • Hi, I am sorry to know your story. There many reasons of mcs such as sperm and egg quality, immune or genetics issues, and others. I recommend visiting a fertility specialist to talk and/or do some tests not to waste your time. In case of e.g. genetics IVF PGS NGS/PGD is one of the most effective ways to get pregnant and CoQ10 does not work for genetics. In case of sperm quality, your partner also needs to take supplements to improve it. Hope this helps. 
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