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My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 7 years now. First iui failed last month and went straight into the next cycle. Cycle day 14 for me. Did a clo protocol. Have not ovulated yet. Went in for my ultrasound and they were only able to find one follicle on my right side (27.9mm) and zero on my left. Lining is a 23.1. This is my second iui. I had a previous hsg done and it showed no flow on that right tube. She keeps telling me its ok but I somehow feel how will that work if that tube is blocked? Im continuing to check for ovulation by 10pm tonight and if still no color change then I will be taking the trigger and having the iui on Tuesday morning. Im so devastated right now. can someone explain to me if a tube is blocked and that ovary is the one with that large follicle how will that work. Someone please give me some hope and insight here. 😞


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