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Dr recommending keto?

Hi all!

so I had a drs appointment today regarding TTC and my PCOS. My periods are very irregular and getting worse now at about a 50day cycle. I thought we could discuss metaformin as I eat healthy(ish) and exercise which as zero affect on the scale. The only time I’ve lost is doing Keto but I worried about my overall health!

she said I’m overweight (didn’t weigh me, ouch! 😂) and really I knew the answer. Ie I lose weight on Keto so do Keto to help my PCOS.

ive seen mixed advice on it and wondered if anyone had experience of this. Ive pushed and got agreement for some bloods to be done but feeling a bit lost! 

Thanks x


  • Hi, according to experts of fertilityroad magazine a woman needs to balance her diet, and introduce changes 3 months prior to ttc. I recommend consulting with your fertility expert whether or not you could be on keto if you plan ttcing.
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