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Implantation bleeding 3 days after sex???

So I am 20 with a boyfriend and we had protected sex (condom / withdrawal method). We both know that we are very very safe as we were aware of what we're doing bcs I don't wanna get preg as I'm a college student. 

I took emergency pills on the month of Feb... followed by June ... And this month of July is we had protected sex as I have mentioned above.

I got heavy periods from Feb to June...but seeing my records...April to June became irregular, like??? My period will start almost the end of the month and will finish the start of the next month which I am regularly and normally having menstruation by the start of every month..

My only concern is I had my period by the end of June and it finishes off start of July month...we had sex during my fertile window as said on the FLO APP. I even knew that I ovulated on July 10th. We had sex on July 6th....

By JULY 9-10 I bled LIGHTLY!!! And it stopped I believed that it might be some old blood during the penetrative sex or an ovulation bleeding

It stopped on July 11

And NOW JULY 12??? Underwear contains blood again (red - brown) but not lighter. It's a little bit more of the July 9th and 10th.

Is it just a change in my cycle to go back to normal? Effects of the past pills I used as an emergency?

What is this? Am I pregnant? 

Please help!! I don't wanna get preg...I wanna graduate with no baby! Thanks in advance for your help


  • Hi, I recommend seeing a doc as there might be a tons of reasons why you bleed after sex. In this article, you will find all reasons: the-whole-truth-about-prolactin/  Hope this helps. 
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