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Hi Girls,

I'm new to the forum and was after some advice. I got married in October and my OH and I have decided it's time to try for a baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2003 but it seems to be relatively mild and the only symptoms I have are irregular periods (ranging from 33 - 50 days). I have been using fertility friend to chart my temperatures for the last three months and the first two months I think I ovulated on around day 21 and then had a 34 day cycle which I was really pleased about. This month, we finally started trying - I am on day 37 and still no sign of ovulation! Very fed up now!

I suppose I'm just wondering how long you girls tried for before going to the GP. I was told back in 2003 that they thought I would need help conceiving but because I think I do sometimes ovulate I'm wondering if it's best to try for a while first? I'm desperate for a baby and so worried it wont happen for us - I'm finding that I'm already obsessed waiting for ovulation and it's only our first month - I think I'm going to drive myself and my OH crazy!!

Thanks for your help xx


  • Hi,
    As you have already been diagnosed with PCOS you might want to go to your GP as they should be able to start you on metformin immediately. Even if you ovulate already this can 'improve' the quality of ovulation. So shorten cycles, improve egg quality etc. It shortened my cycles and I started to ovulate each cycle. Got my BFP after 6 months on it.

    When you get your BFP your GP may also keep you on metformin for the first 3 months as many studies have shown it to reduce miscarriage rates among women who have PCOS.

    The main thing is that metformin can't hurt even if you do ovulate already. It may do nothing for some people but it won't hurt and could help.

    I know it made me relax a bit about all the ttc stuff as I felt that I was actively doing something to help move the process along (as if Metformin didn't work I could get clomid etc). This may be enough to take the stress off you a bit and help your ttc chances anyway!

    Good luck, I know how hard the waiting etc is, it feels as if you can think of nothing else. Totally worth it though x
  • Hi Mrs CB,
    I would go to your GP right away so they can run some tests to check you're ovulating- bbt and ovulation kits aren't always reliable with pcos as they often look for a rise in hormone that most pcos ladies already have too much of.

    I'm also on metformin which I started this week which isn't a fertility drug but it can help your body to ovulate more naturally. I totally agree with happysmurf it's made me relax as I know things are balancing out a little more (I don't have af's usually whatsoever) and I've got the chance of an af or even a bfp before I go back in 3 months and get clomid xxx
  • Hi Girls, Thank you so much for your replies, I really appreciate it. I took your advice and went to the GP. She said that as I am only 26 she wants us to try for another 4 months (that will make it about 6 months in all) but then she will refer me for blood tests and a scan and OH for sperm analysis. She said the wait then if I need to be referred for Metformin/Clomid is only roughly 2-3 months.

    I already feel more relaxed for having gone to talk it through and knowing that if it doesn't happen we can at least start the ball rolling in the next 6 months so thank you! xx
  • This is a quick question for Happysmurf - I was told I had PCOS a few years ago & have recently been TTC we got a positive result on March 8th, after taking Metformin for a couple of weeks. After seeing my GP she advised me to stop taking the Metformin & unfortunatly I found out on 9th April the I have had a Blighted Ovum, which resulted in my miscarriage a week ago.
    I noticed on your reply that you advise to continue the Met for 3 months, should I have carried on taking the Metformin? Would this help everything to continue ?

    Sorry to be so long winded, I am so confused at the moment!

    Thanx A xxx
  • Hi FM,
    I just noticed your question for happysmurf but thought I'd send you a quick reply.

    Sorry to hear of your m/c I think that if it was because of a blighted ovum the metformin probably wouldn't have made a difference either way and unfortunately you may still have had the mc either way. But for in the future...

    I haven't yet had a pg but my consultant told me when she put me on it that's it's quite safe for me to carrying on taking it for the early stages of pregnancy and some people carry on throughout. However it does seem to depend on the individual gp/consultant as to whether they advise you to carry on. Was it your gp who advised it? I would contact whoever put you on the met and ask them to let you know for in future.

    Good luck xxx
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