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Should i go to the docs???

Hi Ladies,

I am G/C from TTC but i just wanted to ask a question.

I found out i had an underactive thyroid when i was 15-16 and when i was about 17 i had a blood test and a scan to check me for PCOS! Everything came back clear as far as i know (i was never told i had it or anything). I am not entirely sure on the symptoms or anything but what i want to know is, can you get PCOS at anytime in your life or do you always have it and you only know about it when you have had the blood test and scan??

The reason i am asking is because i am finding it very difficult to conceive. Some people have chem pregs etc but i have never had a positive on a HPT and i have been trying for nearly 2 year now. I have just started using a CBFM to basically help me track my OV. The first month i got my peak and i had a short cycle. I used to have 31 day cycles and then all of a sudden that stopped (not sure if it is the stress of TTC though) on month 2 of using my CBFM i had 13 days of highs but i never got my peak so i dont know if i OV'ed or not. I am going to keep at it for a couple more months because i dont know if this is just the CBFM getting used to me - if not then i will go to the docs.

Would anyone advise going to the docs and getting tested again or (like i said before) do you have PCOS forever and not just develop it so far into life?????

Thanks for reading xxxxxxxx


  • Hi Tink

    Probably not going to be able to answer your question but didnt want to read and run.

    Its a good question though, I only found out as I came off the pill and has been nearly 4 months since my last period so wnt for a scan and do have PCOS - Not sure if I am ovulating etc but id have some blood tests and hopefully will find out tomorrow what they say.

    With regards to going back to the docs, can you not call them and say you had the tests and what were the results? They should have all the notes from before but as for whether you develop it later in life then not sure. I was on the pill so it masked everything - hope someone can give you the answers though x
  • Hi Tink,

    I think you are doing exactly the right thing, checking everything out just to double-check the position. Like you, I have an underactive thyroid (history of thyroid problems from age 15 - first overactive, then stable, then went underactive over the last few years). I also have PCOS and you may already know that it is thought that there is a connection between PCOS and underactive thyroid.

    I had checks on hormones etc from late teens, because I had irregular periods, but no-one diagnosed PCOS until late last year. I had previously had three lots of hormone tests and one external ultrasound and seen a gynae consultant and was always told I did not have PCOS. I did not have some of the most classic PCOS symptoms (unwanted hair, acne, high BMI), but vaginal US late last year and seeing a great gynae got me diagnosed with PCOS. I am now going to be prescribed Clomid if I can't get pregnant in 3 cycles. (I don't ovulate very often). I don't know if I had the PCOS before and it went undiagnosed, or if I recently developed it!

    Based on my experience I would suggest you go to your GP to discuss further. Mention any symptoms you are concerned about as well as the irrregular cycles and conception problems (the Verity website is a good source of info, as is the NHS website) and request a vaginal US and referral to a gynae.

    Something else it might be worth considering is that PCOS can affect readings on the CBFM (see their instruction manual). I never got CBFM to give accurate readings that matched my cm. For me, temping and tracking my cm seems to be much more reliable. The best piece of kit I have is an ovulation microscope (Fertile Focus). I got it on Amazon for under ??10 and it seems to predict when I ovulate really well. Might be worth a go? Of course CBFM may work perfectly for you!

  • Thanks for the comments. I had a LOT of scans/blood work last year regarding fertility and every single one of them was a vaginal one. When i was checked for PCOS before it was also a vaginal one, i have only ever had one external scan and i needed to pee so bad that she let me go and then i had the vaginal one. I have, well i wouldnt say unwanted hair but it grows very fast and i have a BMI that classes me as obese even though my doc said to look at me you wouldn't think that at all. I may go and have a word just to be on the safe side but last time i was checked apparently the blood work came back ok and like i said i have only had vaginal US. She did find some follicles on my ovaries and i was booked in to go back 3 months later and when i went they had gone which she said was unusual but possible.

    I would have thought that if they would ever pick it up it would have been in 09 when i had all that done dont you agree???? xxx
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