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Metformin success....BFP!

Hi All
I took Met (500mg) for 28 days and my GP has just upped my dose to 1000mg a day. It is making me feel soooo sick though :\(
I really haven't noticed any change with taking Met. Does anyone have any success they can share with me?
My GP said they would look to keep me on this for 12 months before any referral?!!! My GP has mentioned my age a few times **very frustrating** so I did stress that I didn't want them to use my age against me and after explaining although I am 27 I have been with my hubby for 10 years, we've got a 3 bed house, good jobs etc etc, she finally caved and said she may look to refer me after 6 months.
Sorry I'm just in need of a bit of inspiration as feeling a little sorry for myself!!
Thanks in advance, PrincessB x

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  • Aw boo Princess,
    How long have you been ttc for? It's incredibly frustrating trying to get referred for help.
    What is your GP hoping the Met will achieve? I have only recently been diagnosed and my GP hasn't given me anything so not sure what Met is for? I have read that it can help regulate cycles - is this a problem for you?
    Good luck xx Hope you get some success stories xx
  • Hi PrincessB,
    I don't YET have a metformin success story for you, but I'm hoping to within the next few months or so. (How's THAT for pma????).
    Good luck, I hope someone posts their success stories and it works for you xxx
  • Hi hi
    I think I remember MrsDAO from the TTC forum months ago! We've been trying for a year now. My GP hopes the Met will help to level out my hormone levels (although my blood tests were fine??) and regulate my cycle. From finishing my pills last Nov I had a 43 day then 45 day cycle, then pg, mc (at 6 weeks) then 165 days, then 51 days. I think my cycles are about 45 days long but the MC just made it all go wrong. To be honest, I'm not pinning my hopes on the Met, I swear it was Agnus Castus that induced my AF after the 165 day cycle. It is AMAZING(!!) stuff. I take a really strong tincture form and after 17 days taking it AF arrived, absolute miracle!! I'm going to keep on taking both and get past these horrible sickness and nausea symptoms, fingers crossed only a couple more days and it will stop.
    Don't you think it is just so unfair that we have to go through all this! Plus hair growth, acne and weight gain. It is PANTS!!!
    Thanks for your replies ladies, so nice to have people to talk to that understand. Best of luck to you both xxx
  • My sis used Met and conceived in about 40 days after starting it. She loves the stuff. She's now pg with baby no 2. Also a Met baby. I think they had quick success for that one as well. Def no more than 3 months.

    Good Luck. And keep really pushing for a referral. I had to fight SO hard for mine after my mc. In the end I totally broke down during an appt and they finally listened. Think they realised clomid would be cheaper than counselling!

  • i concieved whilst taking met and now have a happy baby girl. was taking two tabs a day 4 3 months and lost weight, they upd does to 3 a day on week 13 and fell pg in 4weeks. best thing ever and will b using it nxt time we try, as hubby has low spm count too.

    sarah and amelia xx
  • Hi there

    After over 10 years of being misdiagnosed or given the wrong treatment I finally found a consultant who knew what he was talking about.

    I was put on so many pills before to regulate the periods (which were none existant), and to reduce the hair. None which worked with no side effects. In some instances some of these pills made me volatile and not a nice person to live with.

    Anyway, my consultant prescribed me Metformin a couple of years ago, I started on a low does an gradually increased. At one point I was on 4 tabs a day (think thats 2000mg). Side effects were nasty(you know what I mean I think) if I didn't eat or take with food. Sometimes I would just eat in order to take the tablets. I lost a couple of stone from just taking it too.

    I started to get periods, firstly a couple of months apart, then 6 weekly, and then monthly. The forth month I had a monthly period I discovered I was pregnant (something which I had been told long time ago would never happen easily for me). My partner and I were so happy, and I gave birth to our little boy in October.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought it was going to be possible to concieve. I think its a matter of finding the right consultant (I was fobbed off by many others who didn't really understand - GPs are the same I found). It worked for me, and I did have to stick with it - I know the sick feeling isn't great, for my it was my digestion which did not agree with the pills.

    Hope this helps with some inspiration....

  • Hi there,

    I was only on met for 3 weeks before I conceived my little girl and we were trying for 2 years. She will be one in Jan. I am now on met again (just on it again) so will see how it goes.

    Joanne xx
  • Hi Ladies

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas x
    Thank for your replies, it definately helps to hear some positive news. My last cycle was 51 days so this time CD 51 was on Boxing day, we did a test Christmas morning and a faint line appeared but within two hours it went away. We then tested again Boxing day and nothing, we went to my in-laws for the night and got back 24 hours later and the test had a positive line....very weird but we dismissed it.
    Then tested again yesterday morning and again nothing.
    I am now on CD 56 and feeling really disappointed that this cycle is longer than the previous as i thought the Met and AC would help to reduce them.......RUBBISH!!!

    The thing is I am positive that I OV'd on CD37 which is what you would expect with a 51 day cycle. I am even more confused now as I thought AF always came14 to 16 days after OV.

    Hope you Met ldies are all well, just thought I would share this as needed to get it off my chest!!

    PrincessB xxx
  • I did it, i finally got my BFP. Woo hoo! Maybe just taking Metforimn wasnt such a bad idea!
  • WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow this is BRILLIANT news!
    Well done - now give us the details!!!
    Congratulations honey xxxx
  • Ah thanks Mrs DAO but I think I am losing it again, going to the doctors at 10.30am but doesn't seem hopeful. Thanks for your reply though xxx
  • Please keep us informed of how you get on. I hope its good news. I have me fingers crossed for you xx
  • Oh no!
    I am hoping that your fears aren't realised. Let us know how you get on. I am really keeping everythign crossed for you xxxxx
  • Oh god princessb fingers are crossed for u.
  • Hi All

    Sorry I haven't been on been trying not to think about it but just couldn't sleep last night.

    We found out for sure we are pregnant earlier this week and spoke to my GP on Wednesday. Everthing seemed but then I had pink discharge at about midnight, after my last MC I thought that was it so was in turmoil all night, the next morning it was still the same but only when I wiped (sorry TMI).

    The pink stuff pretty much went away by about 9am Thur but we went to see our GP at 10.30am. She said not to panic and she thought everything was fine and that this was completely normal. I told her I had AF type dull pains on and off too and she said this is fine. She said sometimes the AF type pains you get in pg can be bad enough to want to take ibuprofen, mine weren't that bad but I think she's just trying to reassure me.

    Anyway, the pink stuff turned to a bit of yellowish/brownish yesterday (just a tiny bit) and now it has all gone and is back to white. My boobs hurt quite a lot so I am hoping this is a good sign.

    The doc booked us in for a scan tomorrow at 9.10am she told a little fib to get me the scan but wants to reassure us that everything is okay. It will also be useful to get my dates sorted....I'll add another reply about the dates and my story below...what a palava!

    Sorry about the huge post, the next one will probably be longer!!
    In short I am not going to be happy until I hear a heartbeat tomorrow, my DH is really positive about it but I just can't be, I am preparing myself for the worst. I think if it's not growing then at least we will find out now and not wait until 12 weeks.

    Please can you keep your fingers crossed for us? I want this little one sooooo much xxx
  • Aside from all the worry we think that I am now 6+3. That's if I did OV when I thought on or around the 10th Dec. My last AF was the 5th November though so god only knows!

    Our GP booked us in for the scan Monday as we should be far enough along to hear a heartbeat, it makes sense but the 4 day wait is horrible :\(
    It might be that we got all the dates wrong and it's too soon to hear anything but I am pretty sure I have got this right. With my last mc we didn't even make it to 5 weeks (or so I think) so I hope this is another positive things for us.

    Please can I have our honest opinions.....Do you think my (.)(.)'s would still be hurting if it wasn't still growing? Deep down I am hoping and praying but don't want to build my hopes on these silly ideas I have in my head :\?

    Also this sounds silly but I think as it took us until about 26DPO to find out for definate that we are pg maybe this little one wanted to make sure it was extra sticky before we got our hopes up!!

    A final bit of positive news is that my big sis is also pg, we are really close and she was waiting for me to fall pg before she tried again but I kept on at her and said she should get on with it because then it will work for us. Would you beleive it, there is only a week or so apart as she is 8 weeks tomorrow.

    Okay enough ranting, thanks for listening, I feel loads better now I have shared all of my random thoughts. I'll post on here tomorrow to let you know how I got on with the scan.

  • Im so glad for the wee update and glad to hear that things are going well. I remember the first 12 weeks and they were hell lol worrying about everything and dying to have an early scan. Believe me, boobs hurting is a good sign lol so relax and enjoy it. My sickness did not start until week 14 and lasted right up so dont worry if no morning sickness. Please let us know how your scan goes on Monday. Even if you dont hear a heartbeat you will still see something on screen.

    Joanne xx
  • 7yrs waiting - and a combination of weigh loss and Metformin I had a Met baby in Dec!!

    She is fab and we worked so hard to get her - stick with it - it can happen.x

    Now that it all over I feel like the PCOS symptoms are already sneaking back - guess I'll be back to consultant soon.x
  • Hellooo!!! I just wanted to add that after 2 months on Metformin I got my BFP yesterday! Now just have to pray it's a sticky one! xxx
  • Wow, absolutely love your positive posts..thank you laydees!

    Okay I'll try and make this update a bit shorter.....Waited forever for our scan today and finally when we had it there was nothing there. Definately no baby in my uterus :cry: They then did an internal scan and again couldn't seem to see anything.

    The Dr took some blood and they are going to call me in the morning to let me know if there was any hcg in it. If there is then we have to go back to have more blood taken on Wed and then get the results on Thursday. Wonderful 3 more sleepless nights. We are so confused and the Dr suggested any of the below as a possible result.

    It could be too early to see anything - If this is the case the hcg in the 2nd lot of blood should have increased and we got our dates totally wrong. (That would be a bit of a weird coincidence).
    An ectopic pregnancy - In this case the hcg should have stayed the same or dropped on my 2nd blood test.(More fun to come then).
    No pregnancy at all - Is this really possible with 5 positive pg tests in a row?

    We have done the only test we had left in the house tonight (a normal CB one) as DH really wanted me to and a big bold line appeared within seconds, it's the strongest line we've ever seen.

    At least for now I can enjoy being pregnant, although I suspect it won't be lasting long or ending in a happy story.
    Love PrincessB xxx
    P.S. OMG I sound so bitter, I'm sorry but we are so confused I'm not sure how to feel?! x
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