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Can I join you ladies?


Is it ok if I join you?

My name is Sarah, I have a long history of PCOS since I was 17 (now 35) it has varied in severity over the years, at one point I lost about 5 stone and that seemed to help alot. I was on the pill for ages to regulate my periods as didn't have any for 2 years but was not actively ttc then so wasn't worried. I have a beautiful 7 month old baby boy concieved with metformin. Since having a baby my periods have been quite hit and miss, I BF for 4 1/2 months so ok, but now they have completely gone to pot again, my weight is going up and I have been really trying to watch what I eat, I have ov pains alot, suffer with a bad tummy quite often with bloatedness and wind ( sorry if tmi!) excess hair everywhere (great!!) and feel more tired than I should.

I am booked in to see gp for a fasting blood test on tuesday for diabetes as in my area they are now routinely screening ladies over 30 with PCOS. We really want to start ttc again soon as am clocking on and have no idea how long it will take, we were very lucky first time but that doesn't mean anything. I have read about the low gi diet and was hoping one of you lovely ladies could recommend a book/website that would give me some pointers?

looking forward to chatting

Sazzle xx
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