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cd2 clomid day!!

Hi ladies

hope your all ok!

I have started my clomid today!! yayyy! i taking 100mg so fingerscrossed this month. I have a scan booked in for 10 th of march, but i do dread this really as it always comes back that i havent oved with the clomid!!

This is the first round of clomid since my ov drilling, would love to hear from people that have got their bfp this way or if anyone knows anyone that it worked for, need a bit of PMA !!!

thanks in advance girlies xxx


  • I have pcos and only had af once every 6/7months I had my first with metformin after 4.5 years of trying. second time round they put me straight on metformin and then after 3 mc in a year onto clomid and lowdose aspirin. it works well - first cycle i had 8 eggs - eeek! i was told not to conceive. my amount was changed and after 3months on clomid i was pg and now have a 10week old boy
    i was rather cheeky though. knowing my eggs arent very sticky i still bd'ed when i was advised not to because i didn't want to miss a chance. it was against advice though!

    hope this helps.

    i am currently waiting to go back on metformin again to help with pcos and ttc when possible again

    good luck with bfp!!
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