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Could it be??

hi well im unsure if i could have this?? i had an ectopic pregnancy in june this year, but remeber from the past i have always had ovulating pains and get black hairs on my neck and chin! since the ectpoic ovulating pain has got worse, black hairs got more and i have come out in terrible acne! sex is painful too! dr sent me for a scan which showed nothing but some fluid which he said could have come from a cyst? i am being reffered to gyneacologist for a laprascope . do you think this sounds like pcos?? my mum had a hysterectomy at 28 not sure why as she is dead now think it was to do with heavy periods. my periods are regular but are getting heavier. P.S i been on cerazette for about a month now.

ive also had internal which was ok and swabs and smears. do any of you suffer with painful sex, ovulating pain black hairs acne?? if i do have this what is treatment fr it?? thanks xx


  • Hi Sara,

    I think because you are concened about this you should talk to the gynae and ask for a hormone test and vaginal ultrasound to see if you have PCOS. You should mention all symptoms you are worried about, including hairs. People's symptoms vary a lot, so best to chat to the dr to get the official answer.

    The NHS website is good on treatment options if you do have PCOS, as is the Verity website.

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