Polycystic ovary found in scan today - advice please!!

Hello ladies

We have been TTC for 2 years now with only a MMC a year ago to show for things and I had my internal scan today. The lady told me that I had one polycystic ovary but the affected ovary looked like it was still getting ready to produce an egg so was probably nothing to worry about. I also know from previous tests that my testosterone levels are a bit high which i understand is a sign of this. I am quite slim and my periods are regular so am a bit confused by all of this and if it is affecting our chances. I have heard that CBFM do not well with polycystic ovaries too is this true?

Can anyone else share their experience at all??

Thanks very much


  • I think it all depends on the person. I'm super irregular and get false positives with opks so decided against cbfm. I would imagine with regular periods it should work just fine - a lot of people have had success with them!
    Good luck x
  • Hi Debbie, it's a bit of a shock at first when they do the scan but there are lots of things they can do to help. It's good that one ovary seems to be working so hopefully that will make it easier for ttc. As for symptoms, the only reason I found out I have it is because I've only had 1 af in 12 months since coming off the pill. Other than that I get quite a lot of ovulation type pains- although it's just my ovaries developing but not releasing the eggs. When my hormones were more out if kilter before Xmas I also seemed to be getting a bit spotty and seemed to be losing more hair from head than usual but again I probably wouldn't have noticed these things otherwise. My consultant explained it's like a spectrum so as mrs r says everyone is different.
    It's difficult to trust cbfms with pcos as they look for a surge in a hormone that I already have way too much off so it would throw the result, having said that, if one of your ovaries us working it may be different for you xxx
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