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Lovin the PCOS forum! Question about Metformin...

Hi Cysters!

Sorry had to use that, sooo funny! I was diagnosed with PCOS at a scan a couple of week ago. Been TTC for almost a year and had an MC in April.

Please can anyone offer me any advice about Metformin?? My doc prescribed it yesterday, 500mg once a day for 28 days. Can anyone advise what they think about it?

Thanks v much
PrincessB xxx

P.S. I really feel like I have a home this forum!


  • Hi
    Within 2 months of taking Metformin I became pg - it had taken us 14 months in total.

    I had also started a fitness regime and was eating more sensibly and the weight dropped off. I'm not saying the Metformin direclty contributed to me getting pg so quick but I certainly think it helped.

    I now have a 21 month old dd and since having her my PCOS has not reappeared (so far).

    Good luck xx
  • Hi PrincessB,

    Sorry to hear about your MC.

    I was in the longtermTTC last year. Was diagnosed with PCOS from a scan. I pushed to be referred to a consultant and was prescribed 1500mg metformin to be taken in 3 500mg tablets per day. I was given a 6 months supply. My husband had to do sperm analysis and I had HSG scan in this time because if I had not ovulated the next step would be clomid.

    I was extremely fortunate and the metformin made me ovulate (I tracked using the CBFM). I now have a gorgeous 9 week old baby boy.
    The metformin did give me a slightly dodgy tummy for the first few weeks but nothing too bad. Sooo happy I took it!

    Good luck with ttc. It is such a stressful, horrible time I know. I can honestly say though that now that I have my LO, I feel that I appreciate every moment, even the 3am feeds! because I remember the ttc feeling so much. I don't think that people who pregnancy happens so quickly for can always have that same appreciaiion for even the 'hard' bits of babyhood!
  • Hi Princess B,

    Your story is very similar to mine. I have just been diagnosed too after mc in Feb.
    Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea about Met. Not a Scooby, but I had to say hi to a fellow "cyster" lol.

    Hope you get some proper replies soon.x
  • Hi Hun,
    I responded in the other forum on this but thought better respond in this one too.
    My biggest advice would be to take it with food, as you can get side effects from it and it can make you feel quite sicky. But taking it with food helps.
    I was told by my nurse that it can take up to 3 months to start working.
  • I tried metformin started with 500mg (taken at night to minimise the side effects) and then increased the dose to the 1500mg (3x500mg) by day 7. It didnt agree with me and the side effects were awful - so bad I couldn't move far from the bathroom and had severe stomach cramps. If you do experience very bad side effects there is another type of metformin called metformin slow release - which lowers the side effects.

    Good luck and hope it gets you ovulating.
  • Hey cysters!! (very good Issy!!)

    I can't help on the metformin side of things as I was offered the chance to skip straight to clomid which I did. However, I think a combination of the two can be very successful so I think I might ask to try that if my clomid cycles don't work.

    However, I just wondered what happens after ttc? Is metformin used normally to treat PCOS for women who aren't ttc as well as those who are? I guess we cross that bridge when we come to it but ccbmommy how do you know it hasn't reappeared? The only symptoms I ever had were bad spots along my jaw line.

    Sorry, probably slightly jumping the gun here but it's just dawned on me that I am reacting to PCOS totally in response to ttc, but it is something I will have for the rest of my life.

    S xx
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS before ttc (seems to be a family thing so hoping for a boy! lol). ANyway, the docs prescribe the pill for PCO when you are not ttc as it regulates your hormones and balances things out so you have regular cycles.
  • I guess we cross that bridge when we come to it but ccbmommy how do you know it hasn't reappeared? The only symptoms I ever had were bad spots along my jaw line.

    All symptoms are different, but mine like many other women was very irregular periods so either no ovulation or not knowing when I would ovulate. I also had weight gain and spots.

    I must admit I do still have some spots appear (mainly when I ovulate up to af), and I'm no Posh Spice, but my af now appears between day 31-37 instead of any day between day 49 and 122!!!!!

    My consultant at the hospital who prescribed the Metformin said he prescribes it to help women lose weight, as it is primarily a diabetic drug to help control insulin. This can help woman who need to lose weight cos of PCOS as this can help symptoms, plus of course it can help woman ttc as it also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle due to weight loss.

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  • Thanks for all your replies laydee's! I'm a bit confuzzled about them putting me on Metformin really, my BMI is 25.something so although I am in the overweight category I haven't got much weight to lose to get into the ideal BMI range. I think I I only need to lose a few pounds?? I think becuase I have conceived before and I am 27 (28 in March) they hope this should do the trick. My GP said she would only send me to a specialist for Clomid if I was older etc....discrimination but then again I wouldn't want them to waste their money if it's not necessary, just fingers crossed the metformin works it's magic!
    With regards to after TTC (and hopefully a bambino!) I would probably go back on the pill if my symptons come back as at the moment I have acne, weight gain, facial hair etc. On the other hand I think it is amazing what the pill masks, I had no idea that I had PCOS due to being on the pill for so many years!
  • Hey everyone 

    New to this forum,  glad i found yous and dont feel as lost knowing there are others..

    Im 28 and only recently been diagnosed with PCOS. Been trying for another child for about 4-5 years with no joy


    Reading all of your posts on Metformin,  going to look into this.. Thanks girls xximage

  • Hi everyone..

    I have been going through the same thing. My doc adviced to take met after looking at my fasting serum insulin. 

    Do you guys take met even after conceive?


  • Hi Princess,

    I had taken Metformin in the past, it is good in working and got PG. Also focus on your diet, fitness, and sleep. Good luck with ttc 

  • Can one take met while trying to concieve?

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