Went to the doctor this week and he has decided to refer me! So pleased as it's almost 8 months now and it always looked like I'd have to wait at least 12. I've only had one AF in this time so he decided I do actually need some help. Fingers crossed for clomid sometime soon!

Baby dust xx


  • G/C to say hi Mrs Robson!! That's great news for you. My GP is referring me too as of yesterday. No PCOS and bloods ok but still only 1 AF! She did say it would take 3-4 months but she didn't sound too sure. Hope it's soon for both of us!! xx
  • Glad to hear things are getting sorted xxx
  • when i got referred i only had 2 wait 3 weeks 4 my appointment so hope its soon 4 both of u xx
  • wow well done! 8 months isn't a long time to be ttc in the eyes of most doctors - you're VERY lucky! we waited 2 years with no ovulation and pcos to be referred and then we got our bfp! good luck

    issy x
  • Issy you must have been so patient!! Mrs Wright thanks for your wishes, how long had you been trying / off BC when you got referred? I'm going mad with the wait. I called my doctor to see what it would cost to have the consultation privately to speed it up (I#'m not minted but I was prepared to sacrifice a few luxuries for 3 months peace of mind) but she said that even if I got that earlier it probably wouldn't bring any treatment / further tests forward so not to waste the money. I don't have PCOS (I was just gatecrashing) but I've had 1 AF in 6 1/2 months so it's getting a bit silly. Plus I've found out that 4 people are pregnant in the past week or so, which is lovely news but I've just found out about the 4th and comfort eaten too much easter egg too fast and feel sick. Sorry, self-pitying rant over! xxx
  • Awww StarryNu - hope Easter egg didn't make you feel too sick! Issy - that's awful being made to wait two years. The worst doctor at my surgery said 18 months then I switched until I found a doctor who said 12 months and I kept going back. Persistence pays off!! I think it's fair enough doctors saying to give it some time if there is a cycle but when there's just nothing happening it's obvious a little help is needed so the sooner the better!
    Hope - nice to see you on here!
    And thanks MrsW for your kind wishes.
    I've actually got my appointment next Monday so fingers crossed. Starry - hope all goes well with your referral too and that things get sorted.
    Baby dust to all xx
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