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PCOS & Clomid

Hi, I am new to this site image Me and my husband had been ttc for 17 months with no luck. We tried everything we could think of inc Pre-Seed but still nothing.

I went to my doctor and after having blood tests done, I was diagnosed with PCOS. At first i was distraught, angry, upset and frustrated and I assumed it meant i couldnt conceive naturally......but then I was re-assured we could conceive but we would just need help. we were transfered to a local clinic where they advised us that I was going to need a tablet that would kick start my OV'ting (which i hadnt been doing since we started ttc). They gave me Clomid to take, which i did on days 2-6 of my af, and at the 1st scan it showed the cyst and lots of folicles and so we were told not to bed for week, argh (lol)!! We returned the following week to be told that the cyst had burst but it wasnt clear enough as to whether id OV'ted. The result is i have now got to wait until i get my next af, if by day 45 it has not arrived i am to take a pg test. if neg but still no af i have got to have an injection to kick start my af!!

I guess my questions are: how many of you ladies have had success with clomid and within how many months of being on it? who knew after taking clomid that they were pg b4 testing (if that makes sense)?

it would be amazing and the best thing in the world if we were to get pg before our next wedding anniversary in July this year but i know it will take time, and i need to be patient...its just hard :-S

thank you for reading my essay,lol, and i apologise alot if it was TMI. Babydust to all Becky xxx

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  • HI LuckyStar

    Im due to start taking my 1st round of clomid tomorow at 100mg, so i dont have a success story to share at the moment.
    What i have got is a lovely Clomid success story about a very good friend of mine! ( strangely im being treated by by the same consultant!)
    She had been TTC with 3 different partners for 9 years with no Clomid 100mg.
    Now baring in mind she was told her PCOS was very servere & she NEVER had AFs they didnt hold much hope but were willing to try.
    Amazingly she got her BFP on the very 1st cycle! She went on to have a healthy baby boy, then in the following years went on to have 2 more naturally!

    Im hopeing this gives you a little hope.

    Im hopeing that it will improve my chances of a sticky bean as ive had 2 MCs in the 20 months TTC,(14 months between BFPs & both before 8 weeks).

    Wishing you all the very best hun & hope to be hearing your Clomid success story very soon! xxx
  • Hi PrincessStar

    thank you for your reply image it was a nice success story to read and gave me even more hope that it will work for me.

    im now on my 2nd cycle still taking 50mg cd2-6 so hopefully it will work this cycle! got my next scan next wk so fingers crossed it gives us some good news and that my success story comes soon!

    i hope clomid works for you hunni and you have a success story to tell soon.

    thank you again, good luck,hugs and babydust to you xxx
  • Hi, i'm new to this site, so not sure how it all works.

    I had great success with Clomid. I'm 26 and was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago and since then only had 5 or 6 af's. I was sent to a specialist after about 3 years of ttc. I was given an injection to kick start my af and after my 2nd cycle of clomid I was pregnant. We were told not to do any home pregnancy tests during the cycles as they could show positive when in actual fact they were negative but I just a strange feeling and couldn't help myself the second time round, so yeh i think you just know.

    I had a great pregnancy and now have a 8 month old boy who is into everything but is just perfect.

    Hope eveything goes well for you. Xx
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