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Endometriosis and ttc

Hi Ladies,

I am looing for people who have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. I have recently had an ultrasound (the 3rd one since Feb) to check on what we originally thought was an ovarian cyst. However, there appear to be two there now and the radiographer thinks that I may have endometriosis. I have read up on this condition before but Im not sure what this means for ttc and our chances of ttc naturally/ IVF??
I am booked in for a lap and dye next month, to remove the cyst (now cysts) so think they will be able to give me some answers then.

What if any are the treatments and how successful are they?

Any positive stories of people who have this and have got pg would be most welcome as I am scared that this will stop us being able to concieve naturally or significantly reduce our chances of IVF being successful.


Lizzy xxx


  • Hi Lizzy,

    Im sorry to hear this. I was diagnosed with endometrisis at the ripe old age of 21 after a lap & dye because of irregular & heavy periods & excrutiating pain.

    The 1st lap I had they didnt bother doing the dye for some reason but one of my tubes was stuck to my bowel with all the extra tissue. They removed as much of the tissue as they could & I was advised to not leave it too long to ttc!!! Which I ignored as wasnt ready to start a family.

    I then had a 2nd lap when I was 26 I think, my tube had again stuck to my bowel and I had more endo tissue build up which again they were able to clean up, they also used a gel to try & stop my bowel & tube from adhearing again.

    Anyway fast forward another couple of years being in a stable relationship we conceived in 2008 we mc that baby & went on to mc another 3 after that one. We had all the mc tests & I was just a month away from having a hysteroscopy to check my uterus just in case there was lots of scar tissue and we conceived again & im now 26+3 and touch wood everything has been perfect.

    I think if you have got endometriosis then I dont see any reason why they wouldnt be able to give you a clean up so to speak removing extra tissue & scar tissue. Also having the dye would also clean out your tubes if there are any blockages making it an ideal time to conceive once you have recovered.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hello

    Just some reassuring words. I was diagnosed when i when 21 and after 1 year of trying conceived naturally. Since having my lo i have had open surgery to remove 2 large cysts and have been told that my endo is now stage 5. We was giving up hope but it did happen eventually. My consultant was even shocked!
    Good luck

  • Thank you so much for your replies. I was really worried that having endo may mean that we would not be able to conceive but your experiences have given me new hope.

  • Hi,

    I am another Endo success story. We tried for 5 years to concieve without success so went through the rounds of GP appointments, blood tests, sperm analysis (for hubby obviously!) before being referred to a fertility expert upon some internal scans discovered that I had a large Endo cyst on my right ovary.

    For several months I was monitored by internal scans to see if I was ovulating and to give us the best chance of concieving, still nothing happened. After 6 months of this I went in for a Lap&Dye.... which they removed the cyst, checked my tubes (were clear) and removed endo from sticking my left ovary to my bowel and colon.

    They left some endo in as it would have done too much damage to remove.

    I was then prescribed Clomid to do nothing more than increase our chances each month by overstimulating my ovaries... I had to wait a full cycle following surgery before I could start taking these.

    I picked up the prescription and was due to start taking the Clomid at the beginning of April 2009 - expect I couldn't, I was already pregnant.

    Literally the first full month of trying after the Lap&Dye and after 5 years of heartache I was expecting! We had our delightful daughter in December 2009.

    Once she arrived I was told that if we wanted to have more children that we shouldn't hang around, a) I'm 36 so age is not on my side and b) the bigger the gap the more likely we would have problems/Endo would build up with each period.

    So on the return of my first period in July (25th to be exact) we decided to start to try again. Low and behold we have just recently discovered we are expecting again after just one month of trying. It is still very early days as I'm on 5+2 but we have everything crossed that this bean is a sticky as his/her big sister.

    Good luck, Endo diagnosis certainly isn't the end of the world and for me the Lap & dye was the best thing we could have done to have our family.

    Let us know how you get on

    Mrs J & Em
  • Hey there,

    I have endo, moderate spot form and I've had a few large endo cysts removed. Unfortunately it caused an ectopic to which i lost a tube. But I have just suceeded on my first IVF. V early days but it seems to have worked. It certainly doens't mean no children. You'll get there.

    R x
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