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Green Poo

Just wondering if it meant anything and if its normal if Riley has green poos to all the time? Can't remember the last time it wasn't green. He's on cow and gate comfort and it says it can turn the poo green for the first couple days but he's been on it for weeks now.


  • hi austin's been having green poo for weeks now, i spoke to hv about it and she said it can be caused by many many things ie, too much food, not enough food, tummy upset, bit of a cold, teething, change of milk digestive system maturing etc etc etc. she said as its difficult to know what is causing the green poo they only tend to worry if baby is not putting on weight, if his weight gain is good then there shldn't be a problem. coincidence maybe but austin is on easy digest as well as breast milk and his has been green since about a week after starting that. if u r worried see ur hv or gp, or take him to a drop in baby clinic to check his weight out.

  • Hi, Lacey has had green poo since she went on sma gold, she was breasfed for a while and then topped up with sma and it was a mixture of greeny yellow, i am not worried because she is a happy little thing and is 13lb 7 oz at 9 weeks so shes putting weight on good, i was worried too but its been green since she was 2 wks old! xx
  • Lily always had green poo on comfort one. My hv said it is because it is for LO's with digestive problems, it means their guts dont have to work very hard and that is why their poo is different. Lily was on it for 3 months and hers went back to normal when she went back onto aptamil.

    Serena X
  • sorry to hijack your post kel but i wondered if maybe Lacey should change milk? do you think maybe she has digestive probs as she struggles to poo everyday?
  • Charlie is on comfort as well and his poo ain't green. So all babies different. Maybe like Katie has said once he is on solids it may change colour.

    Just out of interest I always thought that bf babies poo was more green than ff babies? Is this true? I have never bf so don't know - God why do we examine poo so much! And when friends come over chat always turns to baby poo??? hehe

  • Thanks for your replies.

    Chloe123-Riley sometimes struggles to poo and he's just started going every other day instead of once a day like he was doing. The comfort milks are supposed to help with the digestive system and pooing but I don't think it has.
  • my hv said green poo is when lo is allergic to something or has an upset tummy, might be worth ringing your hv, xxx
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