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My temp has dropped this morning :cry:

At 10dpo my temps have taken a nose dive and gone under the cover line.

Just got to wait for AF to show her ugly face now :\( :cry:

Does anyone know when to expect her if my temps dropped today?


  • I'm sure I read that your temps drop during implantation?? Not sure if that's right, but I really thought I read that...may be worth a google?? xx
  • Oh im so sorry to hear that your temps have dropped hun, i really hope that its not all over for you just yet!! Good luck xxxxx
  • Thanks ladies.

    Well I just read that it's too early to mean anything just yet! Just got to keep fingers crossed REALLY hope it's gonna be a good weekend!

    Don't know what's wrong with me, had a little cry to hubby last night and I'm not normally an emotional/crying person!!!!!!!!!!
  • He sweetheart, if your temperature shoots up tomorrow morning then it could be an implantation dip! good luck! xxx
  • Unfortunately AF has arrived! Was upset when I first realised, but have bucked myself up and have decided I've just got to look forward to next month and keep up the PMA x
  • Oh sugar, (((hugs))), look forward to all your bd'ing for next cycle! xxx
  • That's exactly what I'm looking forward to, and I know hubby definitely is lol!
  • Sorry to hear the witch has arrived...but it's a new month now and a new chance!! Good luck hun xx
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