What the hell is wrong with my body?


Well i tested this morning with a SD test and no line turned up. So i guess thats it really, that other line must of been an evap line, but i still dont know whats going on. Ive had alot of symptoms, im very confused. Im feeling abit sicky, which i got at work yesterday morning after an hour of getting up. I got up at 10 so its kicked in again after an hour of getting up.

Guess ill have to wait for my AF which in a way i hope it does turn up, i dont really want anything wrong with me.



  • thats a shame that your in limbo at the minute. so wanted it to be a + for you hun after reading your other post. although from what everyone says on here it aint over yet, till af turns up x
  • aw im so sorry this has happened to you :\( it happened to me last year when i used an asdas own brand test (im sure i still have the pic of the test) and i was heartbroken...stupid blood evap lines are evil

    *big hugs*

    edit: pic http://www.imghostr.net/uploads/9917test.jpg

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  • Hi hun, so sorry to hear this has happened to you its bloody awful isnt it sending you big hugs.

    I hope you get your BFP or af soon as at least with af you can continue trying hun.

    Go to the doctors if your period is really late and see if they will do a blood test.

  • Hi fairy, thats what my evap line looked like. I take it that a positive line as to be near enough as identical in shade to the control line.
    Ive never been so upset in my life, it hurt so bad, i was always moaning at hubby coz he wasnt getting so excited as me and now i know why, so he wouldnt be so disappointed. Im just trying to think of all the positives now, dont have to worry about drinking and eating heathlier and i can start going to my pole dancing lessons again. I stopped going for about 2 weeks as i was querying the pregnancy.

    I really dont feel any AF symptoms, dont get whats happened if there isnt a pregnancy.

  • How many days passed ur AF are you?
    On my first month TTC i SS like mad and convinced myself I was pg. Must be even worse if you have an evap line or chem pg.
    Hope you have a shy bean though image
  • Hi mrs allen im coming up to 2 weeks late. Thinking of going for a blood test in the week.

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