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FAO Sparkling Diamond

Hiya hun!

So whats happening? Have you got an official BFP yet? Or is tomorrow the big day?

Couldnt be bothered to trawl through all the threads you were posting on, and just thought I would get to the point.

36 Weeks x

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  • :lol: Sorry to G/C Mrs Hall but I like your style. I have been wondering too! Hope it's good news xx
  • have been looking for her post all day!!! good job i have been off work.
  • ok, im so glad you did this....We are all so impatient to hear the news.
    x x x
  • Haha!

    Me and SD go back a long way, we shared all our wedding plans together over in YAYW and then chatted on FB, now she is on here I cant wait for her to join pregnancy.

    It all sounds very positive so far and Im sure she has got her BFP. I know her too well, she likes to be extra extra sure haha!

  • have only joined ttc this months and the past few days her posts have really made me laugh. my fingers are crossed for her .
  • Hi girls,

    I havent had a pos CBD yet and only getting the faintest of lines on FR. I took the test apart and held it to the light to see a faint line, am 13dpo.

    I dont know what to think to be honest, I feel extremely wet down below and keep thinking af has started!!! and it hasnt.

    Does anyone know if lots of wet feeling will lead to a BFP or could that be a sign of af, thing is I know some people think I am cautious/anxious etc but its so disheartening when I am stuck between TTC and BFP. I would just like to to know either way!!

    Guess I will have to wait af due tomorrow so sun I will officially be late, I done a CBD this afternoon and another BFN and am 13dpo.

    I am going to do a SD test in the morning and time the test

    Thanks hun. Hey Mrs Hall you know what am like he he, all that overplanning with my wedding and now here I am 8 month later so close to that BFP.

    Some would say they just feel it well I feel it in my water!!! he he

  • Hun I defo think your pregnant! Like ive said to you I got some positive results on the cheapies but a BFN on a CBD! It was only on the day after my period was due did I finally get a BFP on a CBD as well as a cheapie and that was faint too. I always remember going out the night before and when arriving at the restuarant didnt even sit down just went straight to the toilet because I felt wet down below and thought the witch had struck. Turned out it was a sign I was pregnant.

  • Im keeping everything crossed chick heres hoping!

    You will be the first to know hun, hope everythings going ok, not long for you now hun xx
  • Hi Susiee,

    AF due today no sign as of yet, sorry for tmi but apparently a very good sign - I feel so wet down below I keep thinking af has started and she hasnt.

    I am uncertain as to whether I got faint line on SD test this morning but I would have thought the lines would be stronger by now.

    So once again stuck in limbo hun so we will wait and see if no BFP then am waiting for AF to arrive and its back to TTC for us.

    How are you hun? xx
  • my fingers are crossed for you sparky. i did an SD one today and i have a week till af is due. couldnt see a thing. but i find it so easy to convince myself there might be something. there wasnt. and i also find the longer i look at the control line my eyes play tricks on me and i can see a faint line!!!!!!
  • Fingers crossed for you my lovely! H x
  • got my fingers corssed for you too - been following your updates, you have us all on tenterhooks! xxx
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