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hiya everyone!

hiya evryone,
havnt been on much lately,
well done dotty on ure bfp!
just thought id give an update on me!
went into hosp last week 4 my routine appt and as i went to the toilet to do my urine sample i had loads of fresh red blood !!!!!
i was 24 weeks and i absolutly was terrified!.. as u know ive had the odd bit of spotting etc but this was quite alot!!
anyway i was in the right place and was seeing my consultant anyway so i just waited for her, i told her and she wanted to do a speculum and i agreed as i was so worried, anyway she said she couldnt see any blood just maybe a slight speck of old blood on my cervix??? bleeding had completley stopped how stange! anyway because of my history of previously delivering at 24 weeks she decided to keep me in!
long story short... i was in for 2 nites had 2 steroid injsctions just incase and not a hint of blood whilst i was in hosp or since???... have since come to the conclusion that it may have been a burst pollyp? as it was so strange how much blood then just nothing!!.... but still it went down as unexplained?
anyway had a scan everythings fine!!! baby is tranverse.. so laying across me
then the consultant said that if he doesnt move we will be looking at a c section and must cum straight in if waters go as theres a risk of cord prolapse!!!
im only 25 weeks surely theres loads of time and room for him to move?????
just another thing for me to sit and worry about i suppose lol
anyway on a brighter note my sis in law had her baby boy early this morn 8lb!!!
after bout 12 hrs labour!!
waiting for baby ... how is the symptoms of ure uti???
this has happened to me before that dips with with bits in it .. then cums back from lab clear... at least u took the anti biotics on the safe side... they dont do any harm!
hope ure all well


  • Hi Lisa,
    Thank you, i'm over the moon but worried sick it will go like the last one. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and wait!!
    You must have been terrified when you got the bleed last week, how you sat and waited for the consultant i'll never know, especially as you were 24 weeks!! I'm so happy you've reached the 25 week mark, I know you probably still can't relax but it's a milestone!! And i'm sure baby will move loads between now and your due date. Are you having a boy as you referred to the baby as him??
    Congratulations on your new Nephew, it's always lovely when new babies are born into the family, I bet your Nephew and your little boy will be great friends!!
    Keep us updated on your progress xx
  • Hello lisa, I'm ok thankyou, scan on Monday and am counting down the seconds lol!
    Wow, what a scare you must have had, I'm so sorry you keep getting these unexplained bleeds but it's fantastic you were in the right place and all is looking good with your little one. I am sure baby will move loads between now and delivery so try not to worry too much, isn't it beyond 30weeks plus before baby is supposed to move into position?
    Congratulations on your nephew, it must make you even more eager to get to your labour now. You're so close, I'm so glad you've past the 24week point and wishing you some time flying final weeks. How are you finding it? Hope you are relaxing and beginning to relax. Take care x
  • hiya,
    have only just got on BE
  • hiya
    have only just got on BE , have had a relly bad headache for 2 days!!!
    i just typed out a long reply and it dissapeared lol!!!
    yes dotty this one is a boy, i told my daughter the other day as she kept asking about the size of my belly! with this pregnancy i got a real big bump.. with the other two not much bump...plenty of weight went on but hips and bum i think lol! i always thought as i was so tall im 5ft 11 that baby had more room obviously not! anyway she said she wanted a girl lol!.. but now shes really cum round to the idea and is soo exited she is telling EVERYONE, feeling baby move etc... now i feel extra nervous as she would be devastated if god forbid sumthing went wrong... i am so impatient for this baby!! especially as my bro has had his! my pregancy went really quick but the last 2 weeks is dragging!! just want the baby here safe where i can see him!!!... sort of lost faith in my body to do a good job if that makes sence!
    anyway waitin4baby good luck at ure scan on monday let us know how u get on #
  • Thanks lisa, hope your headache has gone now, they're awful when you can't take the pain killers- don't know if you use them but 'kool n soothe' gel patches are good.
    I know what you mean about being unable to hide the bumps, I can't believe how quickly mines popping out and I'd really wanted to wait until at least 20 weeks before even thinking of telling anyone- I'm not reckoning on telling people I don't see much at all ! lol
    glad you got this far before telling your daughter though and that's great she's so happy about it. Hopefully her excitement will rub off on you too image zachariah's too young to understand so I don't know whether I'll bother trying to explain to him or not but guess I'll have to prepare him somehow for the whole sharing mummy bit!
    Happy pregnancy and wishing you a speedy finale , take care x
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