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Hot water bots and pineapples!

Hi girls,

A while ago I read on a post that someone asked if it was safe to use a hot water bottle while ttc, I wondered too! Well, I've just been reading The Baby-Making Bible (by Emma Cannon, v good book!) and it recommend using a hot water bottle post ovulation (if you are a cold type of person) as it can help implantation!! Yay!! Book says, put not too hot HWB on lower abdomen as you relax, ideally between 4 and 6pm and for around 40 mins (don't do if pregnant!) - helps to create warm womb to help implantation!! How fantastic, what a wonderful excuse to relax with HWB after work!

I'm sure some of you ttc pro's know this but pineapple can help implatation too cos of the enzymes in it. Book says to have one serving or glass a day on an empty stomach (don't have tinned pineapple). I'll be having pineapple for breakfast tmrw then!

Hope that helps some of you on the 2ww! xxx


  • OOooh hooray!! i always drink pineapple!! lets look out the hot water bottles....well, it is snowing too!!

    x x x
  • I have ordered that book today!! Can't wait to get it and start using all of the tips. I love the idea of a HWB and chilling out.

  • thanks for the tips! i had wondered if it was safe to have baths too as i know men aren't supposed too - so i suppose this is the same kind of thing. will be stocking up on pineapple juice tomorrow and going to nip over to amazon now to look for that book! (as if i need to get any more obsessed! lol)
  • I got that book on Sat and obviously im obsessed. I even thought it was fate that the pineapples were half price in tescos so ive been having them for brekkie every day since (im 4dpo) hmm may need more tho. I was having grapefruits to help with cm b4 ov so im glad i read that bit in the book as i was getting a bit bored.
    I read somewhere else to eat honey around ov too as the pollen stuff helps fertilisation?? been drinking tons of decaf green tea too, bring on the bfp!!:lol:

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  • lol i'm a freezing person, i go to bed most nights with 2 hwb. feel pg on the pill, now at about 8/9wks all i can eat is pineapple & due to some probs & pains i have perm hwb attachyed to me
  • Wooohoo,

    Just started drinking pineapple and buying fresh pineapples lately, so much better than that tinned crap! lol

  • Am glad to be of assistance!! Am eating my pineapple for brekkie at work atm!!

    Yes, is good to have baths, the books recommend some essential oils to put in and help you relax, will look them up after work and post later.

    Girls with the book, what do you think to the chinese medicine? will be you doing any of it?? I'm doing the practical stuff like food and HWBs and stuff, but not sure I believe in it enough to do all the visualtions and yoga etc. Theres a lovely recipe for Lamb Stew, which will have a go at this wkend as lamb is supposedly good for implantation!!

    Enjoy your pineaapples today ladies!! x
  • Oooo interesting! I knew about the hot water bottle - Zita West also recommends it (although she says to do it up to ovulation, rather than after, weird). I didn't know about the pineapple though. I'm a warm bath addict so good to know they are useful too!

    On the honey front, there is an article on BE about fertility foods, and honey is one of them. Apparently newly weds were advised to have a spoonful a day to promote fertility, and that is why honeymoon is called honeymoon!

    Might have to invest in The Baby Making Bible myself!
  • I know what you mean Amber, some bits are a bit much but im def gonna do the diet stuff and may give the visualisation a go but im not sure if this will lead me into getting my hopes up?? had my pineapple again and my honey moonandstars so fingers crossed.
  • Hi girls,

    Just wanted to tell you that I did the hot water bottles for the 2ww and ate pineapple for breakfast for 5 days after ovulation and I got my BFP this month... so there may be something in it!!

    I know some of you had worries about pineapple causing miscarriage, I had a good google on this too but from what I read on IVF sites, they recommend pineapple for 5 days post-ov.

    But I haven't ate pineapple since those 5 days just in case!!!

    Hope this info helps, even if you just try hot water bottles. Loadsa babydust xxxx
  • Kettle boiling as I type this.... lol thanks for the tip xx
  • waiting on bible to come from amazon and am just adding pineapple and HWB to my shopping list! lol think maybe the author has shares in these things!

    baby dust xx
  • congrats amber! thats fab news! i completely forgot about the pineapple thing and am now 6dpo so have missed the boat for this month but will try the hot water bottle andf will remeber pineapple for next month if i don't get lucky this time - thanks for the reminder!
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