advice .., could i be?

Hi there, im really hoping for some advice. I came of the pill in november and i have had three periods since all coming around the 17th of the month and lasting till the 22nd/23rd. however i woke up on monday feeling unwell and since then my breasts have been sore, not sore to touch but tingling, heavy and swollen it sounds strange but i am constantly aware of them and tingling goes up into armpit at times. i have felt nauceous several times during the day and i am more tired than normal. am i reading into this too much?


  • Arrghh! BE ate my reply!
    I was trying to say welcome to the world of symptom spotting, or ss as we like to call it! image
    Your symptoms sound promising, when did you OV?
  • hey, your not reading too much into this, i came of the pill at the begining of nov, and fell preg that same month! the first preg signs i had was noticing a difference in my boobs, and i cast it aside as i thought i was reading too much into it, only to find out afew eeks later i was preg! (altho i then sadly miscarried.)
    So have you had ur period in Jan? if so, it may be too early to test yet, but i would def test in a weeks time if you are still feeling like this!
    good luck xxx
  • i had my period from the 17th to the 23rd of january. thats why i thought it would be too early. its just how sore my boobs are ,,, i like to feel that i am in tune with my body and i have never suffered from sore boobs, also my nipples usually only get hard when its cold and are usually flat but they are hard all the time (tmi?)
  • Sian460 thanks so much for the advice. i am sorry to hear of your loss but look forward to hearing more from you on the forum and wish you well x
  • hey,
    i normally post in the ttc post miscarriage section, but thought i'd venture here too image
    i know what u mean about boobs being dif tho, the day i did my BFP, i did it because i woke up with my hand on my boob (random i know) and it just felt completely dif, and i was like 'what the hel?? it really is time to test now!'
    it just felt like it was someone else's! like u i am normally in tune with my body!.
    keep us updated!!
    sian xx
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