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Rang for results..... Update.


My god, never felt so scared in my life, felt so anxious.
Was ringing up to see if my blood and urine tests are in and i was told we have to ring for results between 4pm-5pm and im stuck at work from 2pm onwards, lovely!

My hubbys going to ring them and see if there in and if i need to make an appointment to discuss my results.

My last shift tomorrow then im away for a week, YAY, Id rather hear my results after i finish work so it doesnt affect my concentration. My hubbys going to Blackpool for a Magic Convention and im going to stay at my mum and dads for a week, get some well deserved rest, Im hoping i can go to my mum and dads with a smile on my face with positive results. :\?



Had my appointment today to discuss results. She said my blood results were normal, thank god for that, i worry about blood tests so much. She says i dont come under the PCOS catagory, especially as i have had AF's on my own without a pill therefore ive definately been ovulating on my own, She has requested me to have a scan to see if i have any cysts (just for peace of mind) Im pretty sure i dont and shes pretty sure too, so just got to wait to be contacted. Once ive had the scan I just have to go back to the dr to tell her the results and see where to go from there IF i still havent had an AF.

(I am pretty pissed it wasnt a BFP) sorry about the foul mouth. :evil:


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  • good luck, hope you get the results you want xx
  • Good luck, regardless of what results you get, at least you will know what's going on! X
  • Hi MPP
    Keeping fingers crossed for you!

    Is your OH a magician? Surely he should be working some special magic over all of this (sorry if you've heard that a million times already)

  • Hi MPP,

    Fingers crossed hun, when will you get your results in?

  • Hey CTB, yeah hes a Magician, only part time as he has a full time job too. He wants to put money aside from his magic jobs so we can save for a family :P, I hope hes got magic tadpoles! hehe

    Hi SD, he rang them up today whilst i was at work and they wouldnt give him any details, which was what i expected but it didnt even help that he couldnt remember my DOB, charming really and ive known him for 10 years.
    Got an appointment tomorrow at 4.10pm with the same female dr, so fingers crossed, Ive got mixed feelings at the moment, dont know how i feel, definately nervous.

  • Good news that it wasn't anything bad on your bloods hon, but sad too that it wasnt a BFP!

    At least they're doing everything they can, to look into it for you!!

    Hope you get things sorted soon! xx
  • Did dr give any ideas at all as to why your af has gone missing then? It's all very strange!

    So sorry it wasn't the BFPxxx
  • Aw hugs hun, glad your bloods are ok but gutted you never got your BFP, fingers crossed you find out some news soon. xx
  • She said it could just be my cycles trying to regulate after stopping the pill, She said alot of people have taken up to a year to get regular and i stopped mine 8 months ago.
    Im on CD 67 and 1 of my cycles was 76 days but that was the 2nd AF after i had my WDB which was in aug/sept time ,so wondering if its gonna do that again. I dunno but im well gutted.
    I suppose i got to keep my chin up and be greatful that she is trying to help.

  • Hi hun, my af was regular up until we came off protection and started trying mid Nov and bam they have gone haywire.

    Keep your chin up hun and I will keep my fingers crossed for your scan.

  • I think our bloody ovaries know when we are TTC, playing hide and seek.

  • Ah well looks like i'm in for a long wait then lol. i came off the pill in october last year and had a normal af for 2 months and now they have gone hay wire - late off my last af by 17 days and constant bfn's. i was getting myself so stressed but now im just gonna let nature take its course and if it takes a year, just means i can get a holiday in before i have a baby lol. its hard because there are like 4 girls i work with who are pregnant and it hurts a bit when i come in and see them, but im not gona let it get to me anymore lol. positive mental attitude, it will happen when it happens. everything happens for a reason.
    Still gonna go to the docs next week if i havent had my af, just to see if there is anything wrong.

    good luck ladies xx
  • Hi lilibet,

    Good luck you have a BFP, any worries just go to the drs, im surprised they even offered me a scan, so you never know what they might offer you, I'd just recommend seeing a female dr as i really dont think the male drs will understand.
    It must cost alot of money for them to do these scans, but its nice to know something is being done about, despite knowing there is a a very low chance of me having PCOS. I might start AF this week, im feeling the usual period pains, but then again i felt this last week and nothing came. Maybe i just didnt ovulate, i have no idea.

    My SIL said that now ive been given a BFN from the urine test, then psychologically i will be thinking im not pregnant and usually that kick starts the AF back in, so maybe all this thinking im pregnant business has delayed me.

    Anyhow, anyone got any ideas what mlu the drs test at?

  • Hi MPP,

    I read on here somewhere that hospitals test for 50miu I think. When are you having a scan? I really hope my doc sends me for a scan I look like I have swallowed a beach ball so bloated and stomach rock hard. My mam was poking my stomach before and said thats a baby belly and I said to her dont be stupid but am really starting to feel fat because I have this huge stomach thats came from nowhere!!!

    Anyway keep me posted hun on whats happening with your results xx
  • Hey SD,

    Thanks for letting me know, 50mlu is abit high,mind you its been 9 weeks since my last AF so i would of had some HCG really, i'm still being hopeful, have heard lots of people getting BFN on urine tests, they never tested for HCG in my blood, they just tested for other things that could cause irregular AF's. I know they checked my hormones and thyroids, cant remember what else.

    i think ive just got to wait for a letter to come through the post then i can make an appointment.
    She said its a ultrasound just like for a pregnancy scan, I did not realise, i wonder if they could pick anything up on the scan whilst they are lookng for cysts? hehe, I just cant help it, Just wish i was. Well it aint over till the witch sings. lol

    Ive been reading your post SD and im totally convinced you are, especially if you say your belly feels hard. How far would you be if you are?

  • Hey honey

    Just wanted to send you a random big hug. Sorry its not your BFP and how completely rude of your body to mess you about like this.

    Let us know how your scan goes when you get it.....

    big hugs

    PP84 x x
  • Hi MPP,

    I would be 7 weeks or so if I am but my 2nd pregnancy test through docs has came back negative and I havent been offered any blood tests or anything.

    Me and hubs are going away for the weekend to London going to see Dirty Dancing, cant wait going to have a nice chill out weekend will see if my stomach changes because it could be my IBS playing up but with that normally I get excruciating pain!!

    Am bit sick of it all now am like you so wish I was but at same time If I am and its not showin up well I want to be prepared etc.

    Keep me updated hun, I did have a small bleed last week so the fact you havent had a bleed at all could mean BFP for you, so excited how wonderful would it be to get a bean up on a scan after the last 9 weeks of hell.

    Keep me posted x
  • Hi MPP
    It sounds good that your doc is now starting some investigations.
    I'd try some mental displacement for a bit - ie just stop thinking about ttc & babies altogether for a bit? Either it will get AF to show her horrid face or the super shy bean may show it's head.

    It must be uber frustrating though to still be in limbo for this long.
    ((((((big hugs))))))
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