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I know this will sound stupid but my periods have always been slightly eratic with AF usually making an appearance around every 14 days, I know some pregnancy tests say you can find out if your pregnant a few days before AF is due, based on past experience my AF would be due a week tommorow (ish) so could i test this week, or are my cycles too short to get pregnant? hope that makes sense!

Thanks - Kate x

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  • your LP should be the same every month, do you know how long it is? Is there any reason your AFs are all different? Have you ever went to the Dr, as a short LP may cause some problems....oh sorry for all the questions, but i hope i can help if you have tracked this much?

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  • Sorry but what is LP? When I was younger my periods came at random times, I was 10 when I started so didnt really understand much about it image when I was 16 I went on the pill and AF was like clockwork, then I came off the pill and had the implant in Aug, periods seemed to happen ALL the time, went back to family planning and they said it was a side affect from implant and gave me hormone tablets which you take the same way as the pill to control periods i.e. 21 days and period comes in 7 day break. I stopped these when we decided to ttc before having implant out, so periods came back to nearly always (felt like that anyways!) sorry if thats all a lot of nonense! Ive only had one period since having implant out so should prob wait to see how things go now I have nothing controling it (i.e. pill, implant, hormone tablets Im just so impatient, only in first month of ttc and although i know realistically its too soon I just wanna be able to test! Never thought I would be like this, always had the "if it happens it happens" approach! xx
  • LP is Luteal Phase - the time between ovulation and your next cycle. If you have overly short or long LP it can cause problems conceiving (but dont want to worry you here!), so best thing to do is detect when you ov (using opks if you cant tell naturally) and then count til your next af. It can be fixable with hormones I believe, so doesn't mean you will never conceive.

    Can you remember how long your cycles were before you went onto pill or was that 2 weeks as well? If it was longer then it may just be that the combined pill & implant have messed you up a little and your cycles will take a while to regulate again. You said they came at random times so am assuming they were longer than 2 weeks, which is good news as suggests your LP is fine, you might just take a few months to regulate af again...but it means it'll go back to being all over the place which I imagine is a pain in the neck!

    If you're worried go see your GP though, they can run a few tests to check everything is alright. Hope that helps a little but probably not! xx
  • I really cant remember my cycles when I was younger as it just seems so long ago now, hopefully as you said my body will sort itself out!

    I think i just need to let nature take his course rather than try and guess when my AF is due... im just too impatient lol xxxx
  • Hi hun,

    It may well have just been the implant that was making your AFs so erraric and frequent. Mine were usually every 33 days ish on the implant but I know other people who have had an implant and either bled pretty much constantly (needless to say they didn't stay on it long!) or every couple of weeks on and off (or not at all!) I think it is well known for messing up bleeding patterns in many people while they actually have it in!

    As you have been on contraception so long and can't really remember what your cycles were like before you went on the pill/implant (much the same situation as me!) it probably is just a case of wait and see annoyingly...

    I think you only had your implant out a few days before I had mine out, and am I right in thinking you had AF when it was removed? If so that is almost exactly the situation as I am in - just waiting to see what happens with regard to next AF turning up!

    For want of a better guess I am going to base my approach to tesing on a 28 day cycle. I know it can take a while to get a normal cycle after the implant and I have no idea if mine is actually anything like 28 days anyway, but this is literally all I have to go on, so will probably do a test 'just to make sure' if I would be 'late' according to this. If I then get BFN and no still AF I guess it is just a case of waiting for AF, and maybe testing every couple of weeks to make sure I am not pg in the meantime... sorry, that is probably no help whatsoever apart from to reassure you you are not the only one a bit confused about post-implant cycle length and testing etc.! xx
  • Hiya!

    I was mid period when I had my implant out and then continued to be on for a couple of days, im on CD13 now so still early days!

    Thanks for the replies everyone xxxx
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