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Clomid side effects anyone?


I started taking Clomid 50mg this cycle and wondered how many other people experience side effects? The first one I noticed was excruciating period pains the first day I took it. I'd taken it before going to bed to minimise any symptoms, but woke up at 3:30am doubled up in pain. Luckily it settled later that morning. I'm (hopefully) coming up to my ovulation time now, but have been quite bloated and had lots of wind (sorry if too much information!) for the past few days. I did also have hot flushes in the first few days but these have now stopped. If the Clomid works then I don't mind at all, but I was just wondering if many others on here get the side effects or sail through it all symptom free? xx


  • Hi There, you should take a look over at Clomid Buddies, there are loads of posts about what the girls experience through Clomid.

    Me personally, i had a rough time on round 1 (50mg) and round 2 (100mg)

    2 being the worst as i had a stomach bug at the same time, but round 3 (150mg) has been the easiest with just hot flushes.

    Hopefully you will get more infor over there though and you will see my posts there too.

  • Hi

    I didnt get too much symtoms really just tiredness i suppose! im due to start 100mg again in 7 days time. try to stay positive and not think about the side effects as iv done this before and it worked! Years ago i had a horrible time with clomid, they werent soo bad this time !
    good luck x
  • Hi im due to ovulate in next few days after starting clomid a week ago. Had no side effects other than headache up until tonight. Having awful stomach cramps or trapped wind pains. Spent the last hour doubled up in pain. Anyone else had anythin like tjis?
  • Hi ladies. I started my first round of clomid 50mg last Thursday. I have been trying for 19 months now, all fertility tests for me and hubby are all ok, but my blood test did come back with a progesterone level of 20 so my consultant has suggested that I may not be ovulating. I found that I have been getting a lot of hot flushes and whilst on the clomid I was getting night sweats. The hot flushes have continued after me finishing my 5 days of clomid but apart from that I've been ok. I have irregular periods so not sure when I will ovulate but it have bought a digital ovulation kit so m going to start testing tomorrow. I have tested positive on these before but maybe not ovulated so I'm just intrigued to see what my next blood results show. Good luck with this cycle hun x
  • When can I start using clomid ?
  • i found on my first month the hot flushs were bad and i felt quite sick, when it came to me ovulating id be doubled over in pain, same the second month and im going through it again yesterdy and today x
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