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Strange AF, anyone else had this?

Hi Ladies,

I haven't really commented much on here, but have read a lot and picked up lots of help and advice.

So... I have a very irregular af, varying from the shortest at 20 days to the longest at 38 days with no pattern that's obvious. H2B and I are trying to play the baby making very cooly and are really trying not too get too hett up about things until we've been trying for 12 months, we're now on month 7 (boo).

Now, my af normally is fairly light for maybe 3 or 4 days with a bit of spotting both before and after. This month however I started spotting on CD 18 (early for even my shortest of cycles!), I had two days of spotting and then nothing. I then had absolutely nothing for a few days until Tuesday when I had another little bout of spotting and again on Weds, today though there is nothing again. (TMI alert!) The spotting has been brown and a bit fibrous, sorry!

This is very unusual for me, I know our bodies play tricks with us every once in a while so am completely ready for there to be a normal af come along at some point. It's just so frustrating not knowing. I have no idea when I should test as a) my af's are so irregular I never know when she's due and b) I have no other symptoms for pg.

Anyway, too much rambling. Just wondering if anyone else had had this and whether they were pg or not. I've looked into implantation bleed but I'm not convinced this is it as I have had it on and off for a week, and also the spotting is not consistent with what I have read.

Sorry for the long post! If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. Good luck to everyone, babydust!



  • Hi Mags
    Didnt want to r&r as i havent actually had this but i would maybe go to see your doctor as as you say it doesnt seem right to spot even if you were having an early cycle. Maybe it is implantation bleeding or maybe your body playing tricks. Either way i would go to the doctors to be sure
  • Thanks for the reply Jay. Think I'll book into the doc's next week and may do a test just on the off chance over the weekend!

  • let us know how you get on xx
  • Will do Jay,

    Thanks again for replying! xx
  • Just a quick update.

    I have had the spotting constantly since last Monday. Still not like proper af, more a dark brown discharge (sorry TMI!). And quite heavy at times. I have tested over the weekend and this morning but both BFNs!

    I've booked in for dr's appointment this afternoon as I have now convinced myself that I have an ectopic pg! I think I'm right in saying that the BFNs are a good sign that it's not though. I guess I'll find out later.

    It's prob just an odd af!

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