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Feeling really sad :(

Morning ladie

Well I am 10DPO today and did a test this morning that was BFN :\(

I know it is too early and should wait till Friday or Saturday but I had really started to think I was pregnant! I have had a few symtoms and thought it would be a BFP.

How do we manage to convince oursleves that every symtom is pregnancy related!

Sorry to moan but feel really sad and fed up. Early testing should be banned!!

Mrs Cake xx


  • awwww hun, hope your ok, chin up for next month girlie, (((hugs))) im out this month too! so its all about april! lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • ah hun - its probably just like you say too early to test and maybe youve got a sshy bean?

    Big hugs and lots of sticky babydust xx
  • ah hun - its probably just like you say too early to test and maybe youve got a sshy bean?

    Big hugs and lots of sticky babydust xx
  • Awwww it's horrible seeing that one lonely line staring back at you isn't it? Try not to be too sad, at 10DPO you could still be pregnant pet. I really hope the weekend brings you better news, now step away from the HPTs til at least Friday!!!!! xx
  • Thanks ladies image
    This is such a hard process and you just pin so many hopes on two little lines!
    No more testing for me this week!
  • MrsCake sorry you are feeling sad. I did the same thing last week- sick feeling, was convinced it was morning sickness, but BFN!! Good luck for a BFP v soon!
  • Don't give up hun. I never get a positive until the day after a missed period. I will test on the day BFN then the next day get a faint's happened every time! x x
  • After my experience last month (BFP which then disspaeared and AF turned up 4 days late) i am def not testing too early anymore.

    Hun there is still a chance good luck!
  • sorry to here tha hun heres hoping for bfp for april.

  • Believe it or not Mrs Cake, you've made me feel so much better.......I am also due to test Friday or Saturday (AF due fri), but today curiosity has got the better of me pah!

    I've had so many symptoms - light bleeding for 2 or 3 days last week, tingly achey boobs which I swear are bigger sometimes a pricking feeling in them, random cramps and tugs in my belly,and....... up and down moods - today the slightest thing has turned me to tears.

    So today I did a test as I've been convinced I'm pg, but it was a BFN. Have tried to talk some sense into myself that it is just too early to tell, but can't help feeling down about it.

    Head is telling me get a grip, heart wants me to curl into a ball and cry. And this is only my first month of trying!

    I guess what I'm saying for both of us, is chin up, its still too early to tell yet and it ain't over til auntie sings. I need to repeat this to myself constantly! :lol:

  • Aw hun fingers crossed its a shy bean xx
  • Thanks so much for your support ladies, it really means alot. I know that you all know how it feels!
    It is hard at work because you can't talk to anyone about it! I have some really good friends at work and can't even talk to them.
    This is why this place is so good!
    Feeling a bit more positive now so just going to have to see how it goes... image
    Loobylou - you have made me feel better too!

    xxxx and lots of baby dust xx
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