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Am I even in this race...???

Just feeling so crappy this week about ttc. Does everyone get this? Came of pill last August and have had one AF since. Was diagnosed with PCOS after 150 day cycle. On medication now but today is CD66 so is it really doing anything???

Doctor says I have to try for a year before they will do anything but I haven't even got anything to try with so it all just seems a bit pointless right now. :cry::cry::cry:

Sorry about the rant -I just had to get it out!

Baby dust to you all xx


  • Oh MrsRobson I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I wish there was something I could do to help you. We're all here for you whenever you feel you need a bit of a rant or some support.

    There are lots of lovely ladies on here who have had PCOS and long cycles who've gone on to have babies, so try not to think that all is lost, fingers crossed you'll have a little bean before the year is up. xx
  • Thanks MrsR (another MrsR = hehe!) I think we wll feel this feeling from time to time and I know it could be so much worse - it's just being completely helpless and unable to control what's going on. But a good rant always does help and my husband brought me junk food tonight so I've taken it out on that!
    Nitey nite and baby dust xx
  • Junk food always makes everything better! image

    You could g/c pregnancy and ask in there if anyone has gone through anything similar. Might make you feel better to hear some positive outcomes of PCOS and long cycles. xx
  • Oh Mrs Robson!! Nice to see you. I'm sorry you're not feeling good. I completely sympathise. I'd kind of stopped coming on here cos I feel the same, plenty of funny feeling symptoms but no actual results (AF counting as a result even!!). You know my story anyway, nearly same as yours but no PCOS - no explaination!!:\?

    I'm just keeping a note of everything incase it's helpful at some point, and trying not to get too obsessive.

    I'm sure we will get our BFPs, it might just take a little bit longer than some people but when it happens it'll be fantastic.imageimage

    Sending you big hugs xxxx
  • i have to girls and have PCOS went and seen my consultant yesterday and he said PCOS can change well just help you out been TTC for 21 months now and he want to retest sorry not what you wanted to here but just thought you need to know i am here to talk things though my shortest cycle has been 44 and that not this cycle that has gone but the one before that my longest was 2 years my consultant said i need to do allthe tests before he will consider me for clomid if you want to read more about my appointment then here is the link

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