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help please - is my cycle TOO long?

Hi ladies,

Just wanted a bit of advice please?
Is my cycle too long? Its 46 days and just wondered if this could be a problem and whether I should see a doctor?
Can it pose a problem with TTC?

Thanks in advance!


  • It all depends on what your cycles were before, when you stopped taking the pill or had iud removed etc??

    I had my coil out on 18th Jan and first af 3 days later and i am now on CD 50!! my cycles have always been a bit up and down!!!

  • hi, thanks for the responses.
    i cant really remember my cycles before going on pill (8 years ago) but i seem to remember them being regular and about 30 days (ish)
    this is my 3rd cycle since coming off pill and they have all been 46 days to the minute! x
  • that is quite long but i think it is quite common to be like that!! it may change in the future!!
    The good thing is your body is working on a regular basis!!
    If you are concerned it wouldn't hurt to speak with the doctors!!
  • its just so much more annoying, as i have to wait so much longer if i dont get pg each time!
    ah well, as you say, at least i'm working!!! xx
  • i totally know what you mean!! i'm on CD 50 and have no clue if/when i have ov'd!!
    being in limbo is a complete pain!!! this happened to me last year and i think my longest cycle was 76 days!!! not good!!!

  • jeez - that is long, i can sympathise (to a degree!)
    i am going to take my temps this month (hence my other post) to see if/when i ov to give me a better chance, as BD for 45 days is pretty hard and most of it isnt needed!
    are you temping? x
  • no i don't do any of that!!!
    i may try ov sticks at some point but i don't know when!!
    I'm just doing the as and when approach!!! lol

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