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Ovulation Help Please??

hi ladies! im bit confused.....
im 21 and u probably all know that i had an ERPC over 2 weeks ago on the 25th february. this was my 1st baby.. .wasnt planned but me and my bf were very happy to be parents! i lsot the baby at around 7 weeks. i know some of you ladies are seriously trying for another baby and i want to do the same but dont know where to start so i need your help please!! i know you can buy these kits which tell you your most fertile days and so forth.... i havnt got a clue what the best kit is... how to use it or anything! me and my oboyf have decided we wana go ahead and start a family just dont know how to go about it!!! PLEASE HELP !!! xxx


  • Hi Yummymummy1989, I have never used ovulation kits so I cant help you with that but i have had three other sons and have done it by understanding when my body is ovulating. The main thing is to work out your cycle first so you know when you are ovulating. It is usually 14 days before your next period. There are lots of websites explaining signs that your body goes through which indicate you are ov'ing, your temperature goes through changes throughout your cycle and also your cervical mucus changes and there are usually clear signs when you are ov'ing if you check that. Have a look round the web and you will find loads of information. There is also a site called My monthly cycles where you can set up a little calender which helps you work out when you are most fertile. You have about a 5 day window when you are at the highest chance of getting pregnant.

    I think the best ov kits are clearblue but other people on this forum will know about these things better than me.

    Good luck

  • ok thanks jacqui! im stil waiting for AF which should be around 25th march according to doctors as they said to wait around 4 weeks after ERPC! me and my boyf have been BD'IN for the past week or so! only every few days not everyday!! With the baby i just lost, AF was on 6th dec and i concieved on the 23rd dec apparently! so thats around 2 weeks like u said!! i used the ovulation calculator on the baby centre website and they say its around 2 weeks after AF your more fertile and ovulating.. oh well we will soon see hey!!
    Are you trying for baby Jacqui??? xx
  • Hi yes I am trying, I had my ERPC on the 13 Feb so I was hoping to get AF any day now but no sign yet. I just want my body to get back to normal now Im really fed up as im still spotting a little bit. Ill be really pleased when AF turns up because then Il hopefully know when I will be ovulating again.

    Fingers crossed for us both

  • Hi hun,

    Ovulations kits are good sweetie. I have used cbfm & the cheapies but know women who have ued the cb opk's too (there little pricey).

    I think the cheapie dip sticks are good to get an idea of ov, you can get them from ebay or amazon & you just get a 2nd line when your about to ov.

    Also like Jacqui says looking at your fertile dates on a calender based on cycle length or fertile cm or ov pain are good too hun.

    We stopped using cbfm this month & by fluke have conceived LOL!!! (Not the 1st time it's happened like this either)

    Good Luck hun xxxx
  • thanks for the advice laujai! and congrats!!! image
    jacqui- iv had no bleeding at all since the ERPC which i am kinda worrying about!! i either want to have AF anyday now or A BFP which i very much doubt!!!!!! arghhh just want to be back to normal!!! lol xx
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