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Just thought I'd post a note to check how you and your wife are doing, when is your next scan?
Keeping everything crossed for you and do so hope everything is ok for you this time. As you said in your last post it will be a 9 month project but you and your wife sound strong and will get through it.
Take care and let us know how everything is going
Rhian x


  • Dear Rhian,

    Thank you so much for your post. We are okay. My wife's been on the down reg sprays for about 11 days now and is due to go in for a blood test and scan on Friday. If her levels are low enough then they will start stimming from Friday.

    She quits work next week as we both decided that maybe it would be easier if she did not have to worry about work while going through the treatment.

    Just not excited this time though. Which is weird as both of us have been excited in our previous two attempts (one fresh and one frozen) but this time nothing. I think you almost get to a stage where you don't allow excitement as you are now aware of how complicated a pregnancy can be.

    It's amazing how many people will go through life completely without any ideas of this.

    Then there are the rest of us !

    Anyway I hope all is well with you.

    Sorry I haven't logged on here for a while as we had a death in the family so have been a bit pre-occupied with various arrangements since then.

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