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OMG that 2nd line does exist after all!

thats right i got my BFP earlier today!! can't believe I'm actually typing these words!
i haven't been on here for the last month coz i'd got totally down with ttc and couldn't really face the forum for a little while, but i'm hoping a few people might know me anyway!
i've been trying for 6 months, which i know is nothing compared to some other people on here but its felt so long and i've just felt ike its never going to happen (i've been convinced i was going to get af all weekend!)

my symptoms have been pretty non existent (which i'm hoping might give some of you a bit of hope that it can happen with no symptoms!) the only things i've noticed could be complete coincidence and i've probably noticed similar symptoms every month! but here they are anyway -
i've noticed a few things to be very salty over the last couple of days,
i've been feeling a bit queasy (though thats not particularly unusual for me)
i've not had much of an appetite for the last few days (not this is unusual for me!)
i've got an acidicy feeling in my stomach after eating starting today.

now for what i've done differently this month - by for the most significant change was that this is the forst month we've used pre-seed. obviously it could be coincidence and it was just our time but we've been doing smep for 5 month and preseed was the only thing that we did differently this month.

just wanted to say thank you so much for everyone on here who has helped me so much over the last few months - whether you've directly commented on my posts or just for being here and sharing your experiences and making me feel that i'm not alone! this forum is so lovely!

just got to figure out when to tell the parents now!




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