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Millie is walking!!

Hi ladies!!

Millie has just started walking this last week. She looks like she's drunk when she's doing it and she's not got the hang of stopping without a tumble but she's definatey off. image Im so proud of her and she looks mega cute doing it as she has a massive grin on her face like she's the cleverest baby ever!! Love her!

Hows our other March LO's walking coming along? I think Millie just needs to get the hang of standing up on her own without having something to pull up on and she'll be off!



  • well done millie fantastic! hollie has taken about 3 steps but would rather crawl x
  • hehe they are little monkeys!! image Millie was like that just over a week ago....she would do 2 or 3 steps then bump down and crawl as she could get there faster but shes slowly building her confidence and going further and further now! Let the fun begin! image

  • Peter is showing no signs of walking on his own, although he is cruising away happily and loves using his walker. I have a private bet that he will walk at 14 months, mainly because his gross motor skills have developed so quickly over the past month. He wasn't even crawling properly on his birthday, let alone pulling himself up and cruising around the way he is now. We'll see. I'm not in any hurry as I think he is going to be a climber. He is desperate to get at things on table tops just out of his reach and pulls himself up on his tiptoes in an attempt to reach. :roll:
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