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hi ladies

just needed to speak to someone. i did a test yesterday and got a bfp, my husband and i decided last month we would try but i never expected it to happen so soon !! af was due yesterday and didnt turn up, i did a test and here i am !!!!

im soo worried as we are just back from holiday, i have been eating, drinking (lots) using sunbed (i know its bad) and lifting heavy boxes, i must only be about 4 weeks just now and im sooo worried.

any advice would be great xx


  • im 4 weeks too hun got my bfp on monday!
    Book an appt to see the Dr dont worry about last few weeks just concerntrate on the next 8 months!
    Well done x
  • congratulations xx

    i wouldnt worry chick people go months without knowing there pregnant and carry on with normal jobs and drink,the bean hasnt even tapped into your blood supply yet x
  • thanks ladies, it just seems a lot to take in, its all soo early i just hope its all ok.
  • Sunbed doesn't effect baby, it's the same as spending Lot of time is the sun. Being pregnant just means your skin maybe more sensitive. X
  • Congrats x
    and as the others said: as long as you stop drinking now your bean will be OK
  • It happened first month for me too... I never expected it would and I'd been out binge drinking, smoking loads, eating goats cheese and pate... had a scan yesterday and saw my baby's heartbeat beating away image

    I wouldn't worry, the first couple of weeks the baby doesn't feed off you or have a heartbeat... you can't change it so don't panic! Most of the things they tell you are just precaution anyway, women didn't have all these rules years ago and we are all okay!

    Enjoy your pregnancy :\)
  • Congrats! Like the others said, don't worry about it, concentrate on this point forward and enjoy it!

  • Congratulations! And the others are right, dont worry about it - I had a full af despite being pregnant (didnt know it then) and we had decided to stop trying, so I went out drinking, ate the wrong foods, no folic acid, etc and our lo is now 17 months old and entering the terrible twos early!!

    The first few weeks bean isnt affected by what you eat & drink, so long as you are careful from now on it'll be fine. H&H 9 months hon x
  • Congratulations hun,

    try not to worry, i didn't know i was 6 pregnant when i got married only found out 2 weeks later when went to docs due to feeling ill (i was on the pill) so i did a fair amount of drinking, and partying, my daughter is now a healthy 12yo
  • Just to repeat what everone is saying. Dont worry about what you did on holiday. With my first son I was drinking and smoking loads before I found out I was pregnant and I was sooo worried about everything i had been up to. He is now 6 years old and he is absolutely fine!!!! So long as you behave yourself now you'll be fine.

    Congratulations, enjoy your pregnancy

  • congrats~! try not to worry hun, them little beans are stronger than you think image
  • Aaww congratulations, Dont worry so many people dont even know their pregnant for ages and they have done quite abit of heavy drinking/smoking and they turn out ok. You can always have an early reassurance scan, Think it was around 7/8 weeks.

  • Congratulations! I agree with all of the above comments, don't worry just concentrate on the next 9 months - wishing you a very happy & healthy pregnancy xx
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