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AF type cramps and twinges for 3 days now, any ideas?

I'm 6 or 7 DPO and i have really sore af type twinges and cramps at the mo, also lots of CM. This is our first month trying to concieve so i just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Could i really be lucky first month or does anybody know of other reasons why these cramps occur? Ouch!

Baby dust to all reading this! XX


  • hey im 4 or 5 days past ov (thats if i ov when i think i did) and ive had the same as you and been quite bloated and windy. Trying not to sympton spot but so hard!1 Hope someone can answer our ques!! xx
  • hi girls image

    these r good symptoms image Yes u can b from the lucky ones anf get ur BFP from the 1st month

    Good luck and baby dust
  • hiya! I came off the pill on 15th march had pill bleed on 19th, then around the 2nd april i had really bad cramps so was convinced i was preg, i was also really bloated for 2 weeks! Did about 5 tests image but all negative then af arrived on the 16th april exactly 28 days so was gutted, but with my first baby i got preg in the first month and had the same cramps which the doc told me was implantation etc, so you could defo be one of the lucky ones!! Fingers crossed for you hunni! Im keeping my fingers crossed that this month will be my lucky month! X x x x x x x
  • When i fell with DS i had cramping a sharp pains on my right side (i later found out that was the side i ovulated from) i had these from the day after ovulaton till DPO6 then they subsided but was very bloated and had lots of wind!!

    Your symptoms sound very promsing hopefully it will be your BFP!
  • Is This ur first month off the pill? dont want to sound negative and u could well get ur BFP this month, lots of lucky ladies do. But i had all these sorts of symptoms off and on for nearly 3 months while i was waiting for af to come, i was convinced i was PG and was really upset every time i got a BFN because my symptoms were saying otherwise. but i really hope it is a BFP for u hun xxxx
  • this could be implantation pains, its hard to tell until you test, but dont test yet, wait a few days. i hope this is it for you hun.
    Stasi xxx
  • Hi.

    Thank you for all sharing your symptoms, i feel like at least i'm not going mad and making these pains/twinges up!

    PrincessA i have been off the pill since Nov as i wanted to give my body a chance to recover so to speak. So it's def not that!

    Still getting low pains most of the day today and now backache, trying so hard not to get excited but secretly am! Argh!
  • well in that case firework, it sounds extremely positive to me, lots and lots of baby dust for u! xxxxx
  • G/C from DIS - I had these exact symptoms before I got my BFP - it does sound very promising I will keep everything crossed for you image)

    Liz x
  • Hi,

    That sounds a really promising symptom. I got my BFP last Friday and have had AF type cramps since last Thurs, I even woke DH up last Thurs to tell him I thought we were out this month! I have lower back pain too and lots of CM that is driving me mad!! Fingers crossed for you honey xx
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