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Just wondered how you are doing and if you've had any Ov signs yet?
NJH xx


  • Hi Hun,
    Spooky cos I was gonna post for you today! I've started to get some CM over the last day or 2 - have you? OH and I are BD but he's finding it hard to fire the swimmers - typical! LOL.
    How are you? Had any signs? xx
  • Ohhh yeah spooky! I've had lots of EWCM today so trying to work out when best to BD as I'd be pushing my luck if I demand it today and tomorrow....when do you think would be best?
    Sorry to hear of OH's issue - I think sometimes its the pressure! xx
  • Morning!
    Did you BD last night or save it for today? It's hard to know the best time! Think i'm going to leave the OH alone tonight then jump on him tomorrow, lol. Good luck hun xx
  • I'm waiting for OH to get in from work so I can make my move!!! Although I feel really bloated and tired today but I'm determined to make it happen!
    Then I will give us a days rest and then back to it !
  • LOL! Have fun!
    I'm bloated today aswell - stomach really protruded, i'm convinced it had nothing to do with the mahoosive portion of nachos I had at the cinema earlier today!
    Apparently bloating is also a sign of ovulation or at least approaching it xx
  • Hi WT
    Just an update for you......i've been using a CBFM this month and it has deteccted my peak today. I've also got AF type cramps so quite possitive that OV is here....... Baby Dust to all of us xx
  • Hi Hun,

    Best get bd tonight then! Did you give oh a rest last night? Pleased that you've got your peak!
    I'm still trying to pin my oh down!! He's gonna have to give in tonight as getting a lot of cm and don't want to let this month go by with no effort put in.
    Good luck and baby dust xx
  • Yeah had a night off last night!! I'm working from home today and he only works round the corner so I'm trying to persude him to come home for LUNCH! Don't take any excuses tonight you go for it......think the clue is in your name LOL xx
  • LOL - for 'lunch'! I like it. I told him this morning that I do not care how tired he is he HAS to perform, ha ha bless he didn't know whether to laugh or not. xx
  • Good morning!
    Hope yesterdays bd went well! Mine? Well, managed to pin him down but...nothing, again. Argh so frustrated now, I know this makes it worse but it has really annoyed me. Got loads of cm yesterday and nothing this morning so i've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm out the running for this month. Lol.
    Onwards and upwards - will leave him be now and see if that helps.
  • Well - I had trouble too! He was 'too busy' for a lunch break came home at 7pm and fell asleep! I was so upset - after the last year of illness's and not being able to try I saw this as our first real chance. I was up until 3am crying my eye's out (must be the hormones) and then went to bed and thought I'd wake him up (no such luck) so I just lay there feeling sorry for myself. So today I have a headache and am completely knackered. I just feel like I have so much of a battle with him and it really takes it out of me at the time that we are meant to keep 'stress free'.
    Sorry you had no joy either - bit of TMI question but can he fire by hand? Often hard to tell with them if it is mental or physical??
    P.S I am going to change my user name as don't want OH reading our posts at the mo - will start a new FAO for you! xxx
  • Just a quick reply hun - email if you prefer xx
  • Sorry to hear that honey, I can understand and appreciate your frustrations. I was the same last night - my OH has waited 6yrs to want a baby together and I've been wanting one throughout so now we've got the green light I don't want to be hanging about with it all - so I know where you are coming from. Thankfully you've successfully bd so you're in with a good shot this month.
    It is hard tho and I had a good cry - without him seeing, Yes he can fire by hand so i've put a ban on that!! LOL. Really upsets me though as we didn't have any probs while I was on the pill so I do think its the pressure.
    Right, thats enough of feeling sorry for ourselves - time for some PMA!!
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