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only sleeping when held

I was just wondering when your bubs started to sleep on her/his own in a moses basket or crib? I'm sure my dd1 would sleep by herself for short stretches straight away but grace wakes up the second she's put down and has yet to sleep on her own for more than 20mins even at night. I'm wary about co-sleeping but have had no choice so far. Dh isn't worried as its such early days but I'm hoping she's going to settle soon as I can't sleep properly with her in bed with us..

Feebs & grace 3 days


  • Yep, Ethan much much prefers to sleep upright on my chest than in his moses basket. I know it's a contentious issue but would you consider swaddling? We use SwaddleMe wraps and they're the only thing that get him sleeping at night - my 2nd night in hospital with him I got 45 minutes sleep just because he wanted to be on me and I didn't dare drop off in case I dropped him! He tried similar tricks the first night home, we tried the swaddle wrap, he went straight to sleep and slept for four hours straight. Miraculous stuff.

    This be they:

    We've got a few microfleece and a few organic cotton jersey for when it warms up. If you have a TKMaxx near you, try their baby section, it's where I found mine for about ??9 each.
  • Rhea likes to fall asleep on either mine or dave's chest. She cries when she's put into basket. Although rhea has colic, so I think being on her back hurts her a bit. I really wish she would go over when we put her in her basket, sometimes we'll put her in & she lie & look round her for ages so I no she's comfy in it. I do worry about starting bad habits, but ppl have said to me not to worry as at this age they can get into a new routine very quickly.

    Jayne & rhea xx
  • Try warming it with a hot water bottle before you put Grace in hun, it worked for us with Benjamin last night!! xxxxx
  • thanks for the tips. Im going to try the swaddle blnket and the hot water bottle tip - i'm sure part of the prob has been going from a nice warm snug cuddle to her own coilder space isn't helping. I've managed to get her to settle in a little rocker we have for nearly an hour today which is prgress and we're going to take her on a little walk in the pram later so that she's not just being held or fed the whole time. xxx
  • Good luck - let us know if it works! xx
  • Just wanted ot say thanks for the tip Mrs S - we got a swaddle blanket yesterday and Grace slept in her crib from 11-2.30am and then again from 3.30-4.30am. Couldn't get her to re-settle again after 4.30 so gave up and had her in bed with us again but it's definite progress!!!!

  • They are flaming marvellous is what they are! Glad it helped you. We keep ours exclusively for nights so when we wrap Ethan up he knows he's going down for a long haul sleep!
  • Yes we're just using it on a night too as I don't mind her having shorter naps or lots of cuddles in the day. Think she is getting used to the difference between day and night too which helps.
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