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smear test results UPDATE!!

well I have to be referred to the hospital for this too :lol: I have the hospital on Thursday for my exam to get restitched and now I have to be referred again my test came back abnormal and they said they want to do more investigation and I was told I will probably have some laser done :lol: nothing is ever straight forward is it!!

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  • oh, im so sorry, it just seems like some thing after another. I do hope its not as bad as you think.

    hugs! Em x
  • I dont think it is too bad, I was a little worried because my gran died about 49 years ago with cervical cancer as well, but I have 3 cousins who have had this happen to them with the abnormal cells a few times and they are all fine, so im happy but it is one thing after another, im kind of at the point where its almost funny! :lol:

    Mrs P I think you are talking about the whole thing with hubby, believe me I wanted to kill him especially when a lot of it was going on while my mum was getting treated for breast cancer and I did consider ending things I couldnt believe it but I admit I did constantly check his emails for about a year after it and he has been really good, I told him when I became pregnant that if it ever happened I would put me and baby first and I would be out the door or he would :lol: the trust has slowly built back up though and we are really happy now, probably happier than we were before it all happened!
  • Oh honey, I'm glad you're taking it all in your stride, I'm sure it'll be fine!
    My mum nearly always has abnormal smear results, and it's never anything once they look into it. It could just be one of those things. Let us know how you get one, thinking of you. x x x
  • Well I turned up for my restitching today or so I thought and then they told me that it wasnt it was for my smear test results. They told me that the cells were moderate so they decided to look with the camera and discovered that there were high abnormal cells as well so they have done a biopsy and burned away all the cells, they said they just want to make sure that there is no cancer and then if not I have to go back in 6 months for a smear and then yearly for the next ten years, I am feeling a little shell shocked though it all just happened very fast and hubby is panicking a bit as well.
  • oh honey I'm sending lots of big hugs your way!

    At least they have acted quickly and you weren't left worrying unneccessarily but I can understand what a shock that must have been for u!

    I think this can be very common soon after a baby as a lot of the smears seem to be coming back abnormal but like people have said its often leads to nothing. By the sounds of it they are going to keep a cllose eye on you so at least that means that you will have the peace of mind of knowing it will be checked again.

    Do you need to go back again then to be restitched?

    Love and hugs and a big sloppy kiss from Conall and Joanna xxx
  • I hope you're ok, that's a bit of an ordeal hun. Joanna's right, they're keeping a close eye on you and that's brilliant. Plus, them leaping into action can only be a good thng, it sounds like they've been upfront and honest about it. Big hugs x x x
  • Hope you're ok Rosapenny, im at the hospital tomorrow for my colposcopy, my abnormal cells are moderate too. One thing after another eh? xxxx
  • hope that you are not too sore RP and that the laser has removed all the nasties - it is good that they are keeping such a close eye on you - when do you get the results? - lots of love to you x x x x

  • HI i no how you feel as i went through this whilst i was pregnant with Isabella. Mine were also graded as severe and i had a biopsy and the cells burnt away...just want to say its a year ago now that this happened to me and at both check ups i have been to the cells havent come back. Nothing i say will stop you worrying though (if your anything like me!) but at least its been picked up now and treated x p.s if you want to ask me any questions fire away!
  • I guess at least you are getting it sorted and checked- hope they get it sorted for you. Big hugs x
  • Hi girls, thanks, feeling much better today if not just a little tender!! :lol:

    Im on the waiting list as well for the restitching so hoping it wont be too long before they sort that too!
    I dont know how long I have to wait for the results, im kind of hoping they just get the results as soon as possible.

    Thanks Brooks it helps to hear other people being through it as well xxx

    Good Luck today Ellie xxxx
  • Thank you -all done and dusted now hopefully!

    The cells were lasered off today and I have to have another smear in 6 months to make sure all is ok.

    Fingers crossed your results come back soon xxxx
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