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Question about CBFM

Hi ladies,

It's only my 2nd month of ttc but was thinking of getting CBFM. Just wondering if it's a bit early to invest in one of these.

How long did you try for before using the monitor and has it helped?

Thanks x


  • H Tilly28
    I'm in the same situation as you. This is my first month of ttc and I was thinking of getting one as well but not sure if it's too early.
    Good luck x
  • To be honest with you, it's maybe a bit early to be thinking about one. It's good in that it indicates when you may be ovulating, but if you're recently off the pill then it might not be accurate yet?

    Also, it might take the fun out of BDing for you if you start BDing "to command". I got one after we had been trying fir about 6 months but I've stopped using it as I found out I was oving at the same time every month. It's expensive to have used only a couple of times!

    I would probably recommend trying the first response ovulation pack first? It's about ??30 for a pack of sticks and you test every day from the last day of AF and you can see ovulation coming. Might be worth a thought when you're just starting out?
  • Thanks for the replies, i'm think i'm gonna try and hold off for a couple of months and see what happens, need to stop being impatient! Hope you get your bfp's soon girls x
  • If you do decide to get one, go on ebay! I picked mine up for ??35 i think?! bargain!
  • I would say if you wanted one then go for it! I'll second FF and say look on ebay, they're much cheaper on there, as are the sticks!

    I used mine from cycle 1 and thought we hadn't conceived as started bleeding so went on to cycle 2 and it showed ov on cd6 which i thought was abit odd so tested and got a bfp!

    I would never have tested if it weren't for my cbfm because i thought i'd had AF! Turned out to be implantation!

    I have nothing but praise for them image
  • I am only 2 months into ttc and yesterday I brought some ov sticks. I have had regular AF's since coming off the pill at the end of March, however wanted to see when I will be ov so will get using them when af goes away - cd2 today.

    Good luck ladies.

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