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What have you done with all the toys???

I doubt we are the only ones but in zachariah's 2yrs of existance we have been given so many soft toys and I just dint know what to do with them all. I feel I can't throw them because they're all lovely and I wouldn't want to give them away but what on earth do I do? The flat is bursting at the seams with all his stuff. I'd considered vacuum packing them and ATM I reckon that's probably what I'll do until I feel ready to give them to charity, I just know who gave each one and for what occassion grrrr! Darn sentimental mush!
Bit of a pointless post really but it keeps the forum busy anyway image


  • lol - we have the same problem - I still have some things of Tristans... in the end I chose a few of the things that the children loved the best and i've kept them - the other things i have packed up for my sister as her son and his partner have just had a baby and I know they would appreciate them. x
  • We've got four huge stacker boxes on wheels that we use as toy boxes, and the boys have a laundy basket style thing in their bedroom with toys in! Unbelievable how much stuff thet get isn't it!! Its Jacobs birthday in a few weeks and I'm hoping people take my advice and get him books or give him money for his bank account or we will have to get more stacker boxes!! x
  • Our house is TOYSRUS!!! Hubby goes mad, they get everywhere! I am slowly selling baby toys which are in good nick on Ebay, but lots are still used, some being 7 year old!
  • It's just crazy, I'm dreading birthdays and Christmas because he'll end up with EVEN more and I know we can't be the only ones who don't give him anything, I'm needing shelves to pile all this stuff OFF the floor! Oh well guess I'll just hold on a few more years and then do a proper, do play, don't play sort out!!!
    I actually shipped a few off to the inlaws which he now plays with as there it's less choice and so he enjoys them more (to the point I almost brought them back and than snapped out of it, lol!)
    Ps: good Luck liz,as far as I can see, noone likes to give money to children they want the wide eyed excitement present!!!
  • lol! I know you're right w4b, you would think it would be the easy option for people though with us living abroad but we still get loads of parcels sent out for them. Sorry to sound so ungrateful but you know what I mean!!

    I was thinking I may start giving some to Brendans nursery when he moves up into the older lot next year as I am sure they can always do with things. x
  • I've sold quite a lot of the younger and unused toys but I don't think I'm as efficient as I'd like to think because they still seem to have hundreds of toys.
    Soft toys I was quite ruthless and put them in a bin bag in the loft to get rid of. When we we moving and they came down from the loft Zach saw them and got a bit upset and picked out one or 2 to keep. They have there special toys they go to bed with and now Zach has a couple extra that he wanted to keep. Made me feel a bit mean!
    I've kept Noah's soft toys because he didn't have so many and he might start playing with some of them more.
    I'm going to have another sort out soon as Zach's birthday is coming up so I need to make more room.
    The better quality stuff I sell through the local paper but little bits I save to do a car boot and then never quite get round to it and then give to charity shops.
  • Ive had to bite the bullet and give alot away to charity, as hubby hates them. The ones that are left are either on top of Elijah's wardrobe or in a big hanging cuddly toy hanging basket thing (at least that way they dont take up space, as hanging from the ceiling!) lol x
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