what is a persona monitor ??

might sound like a silly question but i keep hearing people mention it and dont no what it is! is it a bit like cbfm?? is it better??


  • So does it tell you when youre not fertile then? Sorry sound a bit thick but havent got a clue xx
  • I have a persona monitor but have stopped using it. I orginally got it as a form of contrecption as thats what it is supposed to be used for not actually getting pregnant but i was using it the other way ropund rather than getting a cbfm. But then i have since found out is doesnt really work if you have PCOS so have stopped using it!!!!

  • glad im not the only one jay!! lol, from what i have read on the net you get a green light show up on the days it is safe for you to have sex,meaning you wont get pregnant and a red light on the days you need to use a condom, which obviusly are the days you might get pregnant! you have to poas everyday i think!! xx
  • i also have one and use it see when i ov (or not in my case) i have PCOS too and concieved my first boy with clomid but i did show up when i ov and got my bfp that month. I will deffo be using it again as soon as my af decides to show up!!
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