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Our baby sex and weight guesses

Can anyone remember who posted the topic when we were in Due in Feb, about guessing sex and weight of our babies?? Just remembered about it and wondered how many of us were right?? I was right guessing boy, but i cant remember the weight i guessed. I think i guessed 7lb and he was 7lb 1oz.

Gemm x


  • Oh i can't remember! It will be gone now anyway image all the dif posts have been deleted.

    I can't remember what i posted, i think i originally guessed a girl then later changed my mind to a boy. Think i guessed about 7lb odd - she was 8lb 15ozs! lol.

  • Can't remember what I said but I think it was boy as I really wanted a girl so we could use Nancy as a name after my mum who died when I was 15 so thought it would be sods law we had a boy
  • well I was right with boy - just had a feeling, couldn't really say why, but I was way out with the weight. I think I said about 9lbs, and big old Harry was 12lb 5oz !!
    Wonder if anyone was spot on??
  • Oh yes i remember that thread, no idea who started it.
    Think i said a boy everyone kept telling me i was having a boy, but we had a girl i think i said 7lb and she was 7lb 4 oz
  • i knew i was having a boy but before finding out on the scan I had guessed boy mainly cos DH already has 2 sons. Shortly before he was born I guessed 9lbs and he was 8lbs 12oz so I wasn't far off

    Melissa xx
  • i cant remember wot i put . but i think it was LMBNB think that was her name xx
  • I was right with "Pootle" being my lovely boy Ethan....put I guessed he would be 9Ibs 3 and he was only 7Ibs 10.
    God it seems an age away when we were all pregnant and guessing doesn't it!!!! x
  • I said a boy at 7lb 12 i think ... completely wrong, i had a girl at 8lb 4oz xx
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